Our Two Bedroom Story – Kaoru Kirishima (Main Story, Epilogue, and Sequel)

Intro: Kaoru joined Shiki Publishing the same time you did, and immediately joined the Seasonelle team, so he’s well known around the office. But he’s very quiet, doesn’t seem interested in much besides work, and has a very frosty demeanor, so the MC hasn’t had much interaction with him. When she finds out he is going to be her step-brother, MC doesn’t seem thrilled – things are pretty awkward with Kaoru. Then they end up living together! Things continue to be awkward from there.

My Thoughts: The first thing I noticed about Kaoru is that he is really off in his own little world. While he has proven to be observant in other stories, in his own, he doesn’t seem interested in anything going on around him, other then work and his cat – including the MC. The others even comment that one of his strengths is that he works well alone. But Kaoru proves immediately to be very kind as well. He has no problem letting the MC live in his house so she has a place to live, and really lets her know that it is now her home also.

I also noticed that early on, the MC is very aware of him. She notices him around the office as a co-worker, but once they start living together she notices his good looks and personality as well. Is it just because he is in the same year as her, but moved up so fast? Is it because he is such an enigma? Either way, you can tell MC falls for Kaoru hard and fast. I feel for the poor girl. It’s got to be hard, because Kaoru is mostly expressionless and very guarded. You really start to notice how he opens up towards the end of the story. Thank goodness for MC!

A small plus for me with this story was Chiaki being in it more. I really like him, so it was fun to see another side of him in a different story. It was adorable that he was jealous of MC’s closeness with Kaoru…because he wants to be close to Kaoru! Hah!

Lastly, I just want to add that the Happy Ending for this story was one of the best I have read. It really made the whole story so worth it. Kaoru really poured his heart out to the MC. And he got a cushion for her to put out on the veranda so it’s now her spot too! Oh be still my heart. You’ll know how amazing and cute that gesture was if you read the story.

Overall: I liked Kaoru. I didn’t think I would (I played him last), because he is so quiet; I find quiet guys kind of boring if I can’t get them to say more then two words. But Kaoru somehow always managed to stay interesting, even if he wasn’t saying much. And it certainly didn’t hurt that out of all the guys, I found him the most attractive. Damn was he cute when he was blushing!



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