Kissed by the Baddest Bidder – Ota Kisaki (Main Story, Epilogue)


Ota 1

And I think I’m a weirdo as well, for totally loving Ota.

Intro: Since KBTBB has come out, I have been impatiently waiting for Ota’s story. After they released Baba’s stories, I’d check the app every other day, willing for Ota to be released! And finally he was! Oh the joy! But what I encountered…Kishi describes it best:

Ota 7

My Thoughts: Ota almost has a split personality. He is called the “Angelic Artist”, and everyone thinks he is this sweet, nice individual, but as the MC soon finds out, he has a sharp tongue and really can’t stand most people. His façade he shows to everyone, and his true self he shows to the MC, are very different. He also has a split way of treating her. The MC reminds Ota of his old pet dog, Koro, for whatever reason, so he keeps her in the beginning as his new pet, treating her like a dog. In this way, Ota is very eccentric, which I guess goes a long with his artistic personality. Half the time he is teasing, mean, and treating the MC like his new toy, but then suddenly he is incredibly loving. It’s so sweet when he blow dries and brushes the MC’s hair every night! (But really he’s only doing this because he thinks it is the master’s job to take care of his pet.) When he is being sweet though, oh is it adorable. There were a lot of heart warming moments. And speaking of adorable…how cute is Ota when he blushes??

Ota 3

Overall: Basically, Ota is a weirdo, treating the MC like his pet, and he can really act like a five year old a lot of the time (he is the youngest of the guys). But I think it’s because he can be so strange, when he turns around and does something incredibly sweet, it warms my heart a little extra (staying up all night to make the MC a necklace out of the blue?? AWWW!). There isn’t any action like Soryu or Baba’s stories, but there is a LOT of drama. (I’m still mad at the character Rin!! I felt SO bad for Ota!!) It made his story really interesting and kept me on my toes.

Ota 6

So, I really loved Ota. I knew he was going to be strange and a tease, but I was not prepared for this incredible soft side of him that peeks through. Ota is probably one of my top three Voltage guys right now.


3 thoughts on “Kissed by the Baddest Bidder – Ota Kisaki (Main Story, Epilogue)

  1. Ota was by far my favorite too ❤ ❤ . His story was really interesting lol, and he's definitely cute!!
    I'm also liking Soryu since he's pretty BAMF, but I don't think anyone's gonna come close to Ota for me.

    • Agreed! I really like the other guys, but Ota is far and away my favorite! He’s too funny. He’s kind of crazy, so he’s unpredictable and different. Wish there were more Voltage guys like him.

  2. Haha ohmygosh I’m so glad I’m not the only weirdo out there XD
    Because I totally loved Ota!!
    As you said, he’s umpredictable and I guess that’s what actually made me love him more ❤
    My heart skipped and I felt like jell-o!
    In the epilogue when he "magically" puts her on the ground to kiss her and everything was so~~~ !
    And i actually laughed on his route.
    When MC imagines herself running alongside dogs, or in the epilogue when he tries to teach to say naughty things like telling her to ask him tomakesexwithheruntilshecouldntthinkstraight!! ######~
    He's awesome!

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