Be My Princess 2 – Hayden Spencer (Main Story)

Intro: You are a pastry chef working in Nobel Michel, and because the castle has run out of flour, you are making a special delivery from the bakery where you work. Along the way, you of course randomly meet 6 different princes (although you don’t know they are all princes at the time). At the party that night, the princes are tossing a bouquet, and will dance with whoever catches it. This person is also supposed to have a marriage interview? As you are trying to leave the party, a bouquet lands right on your head!

My Thoughts: My first thought with this game is…If I hear the MC say “We live in different worlds” one more time, I will throw my phone across the room!

Ok I had to get that out there. It’s not like you are from different planets. I know there is a big societal difference, but sheesh. Anyways, since Wilfred was my favorite in BMP, I really wanted to play his grandson. Well, I think I had too high of expectations. There were things I liked about this story, and things I didn’t. Maybe I was expecting another Wilfred, which really isn’t fair I guess. Wilfred and Hayden are similar, but they are not the same. But that’s just my issue.

So I really only liked the second half of the story. The first half was just ok, but once they get on the cruise ship, it was more interesting. I think that was partly due to Hayden and the MC being closer, but also partly due to the other princes! I was surprised with how much I enjoyed the interaction with Oliver and Sieg. Sieg apparently cooks, so him and the MC had fun in the kitchen (even if he was being snarky and rude). And Oliver invited her to join his harem??? I’m really curious to see if he actually has one when I play his story.

Anyways back to Hayden. MC and Hayden like each other early on, but they are both pretty bad at expressing themselves, so they never actually say it. I think it’s both sweet and sad that they know how the other feels, even though it’s never said, and they both know they can’t say it, because it will be harder when they have to separate. They just want to spend as much time together as they can. Poor things. Eventually, Hayden realizes this is something worth fighting for.

Hayden 1

Yay! So romantic! And Hayden gets jealous very easily of any men around MC. I was not expecting that. It was like once he decided she was his, a flip switched in his head, and he became very possessive. But not in a scary, stalker kind of way. There was never arguments or misunderstandings about it, which was nice.

Hayden 2

In both endings, there seems to be some opposition from his parents, but it ends with a bit of hope that they might eventually approve.

Overall: I liked Hayden, but his story was just ok, not one of my all-time favorites. Basically, it made me excited to play the other princes, especially Sieg. I loved every interaction I had with him! If you like the prince-like characters, or relationships that go through a lot of opposition, you’ll enjoy this story. I will be playing the sequel, because like I said, I enjoyed the second half of the story more when MC and Hayden were closer. I’ll review eventually, but I’ll probably play some other stories first.

Hayden 4


Be My Princess 2 – Intro


I really love Be My Princess. I love the characters, and the Cinderella story of a normal girl and a prince falling in love. All the princes are great, although Wilfred is my favorite. So when I saw they released Be My Princess 2, I was super excited! I wanted to finish Hakuoki on the PS3, and I’ve been really busy with work, so I haven’t been able to play it yet, but I played the prologue and the intro for all the princes so far.

And my first impression is….WOW these boys are cute. The original BMP boys are attractive, but I feel all of these guys are a little more so. I like that the MC is a pastry chef; I think that’s cute. But I’m confused as to why the princes are choosing a normal girl for the marriage interviews, since the opening movie says it’s forbidden for a commoner and royalty to be together? From the prologue, it seems each one specifically chooses her to be a part of the interviews. I’m sure they all have different reasons, and I’m very curious to find out why.

I have to say though, when Prince Hayden said they were planning the memorial service for his grandfather King Wilfred, I almost cried! My poor Wilfred! It might be really hard to play the grandkids of the former princes.

I’m going to play, of course, Hayden first. I’m most interested in Oliver (so sweet! I love how he calls her Pastry Cutie) and Ivan (I love how he stopped for the boys on the street) after Hayden. But all the boys seem great. Voltage better release them quickly! I confess they will get a lot of my money very quickly, since I’ll want all the stories.

Hakuoki PS3 – Stories


I’ve played all the general stories, and Hijikata and Heisuke’s routes so far, and that’s all I have to say. So far, this is so worth it. You get to spend a lot more time with everyone, not just the main 6 boys. This makes me really happy because I love Yamazaki and Nagakura. Look at this beautiful CG at the end of Hijikata’s route!


Ohmigosh! Hijikata and Chizuru are so happy and cute together, and off living life peacefully. That’s what I wanted. More of that. The Stories part so far goes through the general Hakuoki storyline, but skipping over most of the battles and sad parts, just adding more time with the characters, especially at the end. SO HAPPY.

And then this towards the end of Heisuke’s route…


I cried. I was already tearing up when Heisuke and Chizuru are leaving the Shinsengumi, and Hijikata, Saito, and Shimada come to see them off. Then she says that and I lost it.

Okay that’s enough rambling for now. I won’t be able to play more for a few days, so I hope I can hold out. Okita, Saito, Sano, and Kazama…I am coming for you soon!

Hakuoki PS3

Finally! New Hakuoki!


Sort of…

As most people probably know, this is the original Hakuoki game, but with additional content. Basically, they’ve added the Zuisouroku fan disc. There are some other extras, but this fan disc is the main reason I re-bought the original game, which I had first played on the PSP. I loved the original Hakuoki game, but some of the routes are just so sad. Even some of the “happy endings” were still bittersweet. There is a lot of Japanese history, and battles, and death in the original game. But the fan disc just gives us more cute, fun, happy times with the boys! Which is what I wanted. I’ve only just started playing, but I like it so far. I’ll do a review eventually.

Hopefully enough people will support this “new” game, so Aksys brings us more otome!

Blue Rose – Mini Review


Since I played this game over a month ago, it’s not super fresh in my mind, so a mini-review it is!

Lena is a Templar of the Blue Rose, which is a sort of magical knight. They don’t have super powers, but can draw on the Blue Rose to do small feats of magic and strengthen themselves in battle. Due to various reason, Lena finds herself in this small, off-the-map town, interacting with different people there, and trying to solve a mystery. On to the guys (and girl)!

I started with Simon, because he is her superior in the Templar, and they already have an established friendship. I thought he would be the easiest to dive in to the game. Well, he was also the most BORING. I’m pretty easy going and like most characters, but ugh! I couldn’t finish his route fast enough. I was so uninterested in him. Seriously, I have never played a more boring otome character. I can’t remember anything else about him.


I played Tobias next. Tobias starts out very prickly. That’s the best word I can use to describe him. Like a cute hedgehog you want to get closer to, but he feels threatened so he hides with his spikes. He is very protective of this hidden village, so he doesn’t like Lena being there, afraid she is going to run back and tell her superiors about this place so they can start running it. But he is also very kind. Lena starts out injured, and Tobias is the one that finds her, fixes her up, and gives her a place to stay. He fixes food for her, and even gives up his bedroom to her. I liked Tobias. Once you get past his prickliness, he’s shy, and adorable, and sweet. I just wanted to cuddle him and make him blush all the time.


Now I really liked Gavin. I went in thinking I’d like Tobias the most, but it ended up being Gavin. His character took me by surprise. He’s funny and charming, and likes Lena pretty much from the beginning. He’s got an interesting back story, which adds depth to his character and really makes Lena re-evaluate some things she has been taught. He’s also a former high ranking soldier, so when the fighting goes down with Adele, he’s very useful as Lena’s partner. I think they make a great pair. Lena’s seriousness and formality is tempered by his easy-going ways, and her good heart and positive outlook on life I think helps him with some of his dark past.

Next is Erin. Up to this point in my gaming, I had not done a female route. But I thought she was cute and sweet, a very normal girl that has had a hard life till this point – someone you’d want to protect. So I went for it. I liked her character, but disliked her route. I thought Erin and Lena would make a super cute couple, but other then acknowledging that Erin has feelings for Lena, I don’t feel like much happens. I mean, this is a romance game! Even if they are both girls, I want some romance, a kiss, anything! So, that was a disappointment, especially since I liked Erin as a character, and as a possible love interest for Lena.


Lastly is Aran. Again, I really liked this character, but didn’t care for how the route ended. DO NOT keep reading if you don’t want spoilers. Aran is a spirit that lives in the area. He keeps watch over the forest, mountain, and sort of hangs around the village since it’s in the middle of his home. Lena and him connect, I think because Lena is not quite a normal human, being a Templar, with her spiritual powers and such. Throughout the story they become close, relying on each other. It’s not super romantic, but I didn’t mind because Aran isn’t human, so I didn’t expect a super lovey-dovey romance from him. I think their relationship made sense, and I really enjoyed it. It was different. You could feel a closeness with a hint of romantic interest, without it being in your face. And then the end…Aran dies saving Lena, the mountain, and everyone else from Adele. WHAT THE HECK! This was supposed to be the good end. Some people probably don’t mind if the love interest is killed off, but I do. Ohhh the anger.

So, overall, I think Blue Rose is worth it. I like strong female characters, especially ones that can fight, and that’s what Lena is. You don’t find many otome heroines like her. The setting and story are also interesting and different. And while I didn’t like the way all the routes went, I did like all the characters (except Simon). Sometimes I see the game on sale. I’d say it’s definitely worth it then.