Be My Princess 2 – Intro


I really love Be My Princess. I love the characters, and the Cinderella story of a normal girl and a prince falling in love. All the princes are great, although Wilfred is my favorite. So when I saw they released Be My Princess 2, I was super excited! I wanted to finish Hakuoki on the PS3, and I’ve been really busy with work, so I haven’t been able to play it yet, but I played the prologue and the intro for all the princes so far.

And my first impression is….WOW these boys are cute. The original BMP boys are attractive, but I feel all of these guys are a little more so. I like that the MC is a pastry chef; I think that’s cute. But I’m confused as to why the princes are choosing a normal girl for the marriage interviews, since the opening movie says it’s forbidden for a commoner and royalty to be together? From the prologue, it seems each one specifically chooses her to be a part of the interviews. I’m sure they all have different reasons, and I’m very curious to find out why.

I have to say though, when Prince Hayden said they were planning the memorial service for his grandfather King Wilfred, I almost cried! My poor Wilfred! It might be really hard to play the grandkids of the former princes.

I’m going to play, of course, Hayden first. I’m most interested in Oliver (so sweet! I love how he calls her Pastry Cutie) and Ivan (I love how he stopped for the boys on the street) after Hayden. But all the boys seem great. Voltage better release them quickly! I confess they will get a lot of my money very quickly, since I’ll want all the stories.


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