Be My Princess 2 – Hayden Spencer (Main Story)

Intro: You are a pastry chef working in Nobel Michel, and because the castle has run out of flour, you are making a special delivery from the bakery where you work. Along the way, you of course randomly meet 6 different princes (although you don’t know they are all princes at the time). At the party that night, the princes are tossing a bouquet, and will dance with whoever catches it. This person is also supposed to have a marriage interview? As you are trying to leave the party, a bouquet lands right on your head!

My Thoughts: My first thought with this game is…If I hear the MC say “We live in different worlds” one more time, I will throw my phone across the room!

Ok I had to get that out there. It’s not like you are from different planets. I know there is a big societal difference, but sheesh. Anyways, since Wilfred was my favorite in BMP, I really wanted to play his grandson. Well, I think I had too high of expectations. There were things I liked about this story, and things I didn’t. Maybe I was expecting another Wilfred, which really isn’t fair I guess. Wilfred and Hayden are similar, but they are not the same. But that’s just my issue.

So I really only liked the second half of the story. The first half was just ok, but once they get on the cruise ship, it was more interesting. I think that was partly due to Hayden and the MC being closer, but also partly due to the other princes! I was surprised with how much I enjoyed the interaction with Oliver and Sieg. Sieg apparently cooks, so him and the MC had fun in the kitchen (even if he was being snarky and rude). And Oliver invited her to join his harem??? I’m really curious to see if he actually has one when I play his story.

Anyways back to Hayden. MC and Hayden like each other early on, but they are both pretty bad at expressing themselves, so they never actually say it. I think it’s both sweet and sad that they know how the other feels, even though it’s never said, and they both know they can’t say it, because it will be harder when they have to separate. They just want to spend as much time together as they can. Poor things. Eventually, Hayden realizes this is something worth fighting for.

Hayden 1

Yay! So romantic! And Hayden gets jealous very easily of any men around MC. I was not expecting that. It was like once he decided she was his, a flip switched in his head, and he became very possessive. But not in a scary, stalker kind of way. There was never arguments or misunderstandings about it, which was nice.

Hayden 2

In both endings, there seems to be some opposition from his parents, but it ends with a bit of hope that they might eventually approve.

Overall: I liked Hayden, but his story was just ok, not one of my all-time favorites. Basically, it made me excited to play the other princes, especially Sieg. I loved every interaction I had with him! If you like the prince-like characters, or relationships that go through a lot of opposition, you’ll enjoy this story. I will be playing the sequel, because like I said, I enjoyed the second half of the story more when MC and Hayden were closer. I’ll review eventually, but I’ll probably play some other stories first.

Hayden 4



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