Kissed by the Baddest Bidder – Ota Kisaki (Sequel)

Oh. My. Goodness. If possible, I think this sequel made me love Ota even more.

Intro:  This story starts out with MC and Ota having a cute scene together. They’re being all adorable, and he tells MC she can call him anything she wants, because he will love her no matter what. Awww. Until…

Ota2 1

LOL! Of course. Because this is Ota we are talking about.

My Thoughts: This was a great story! I sat down planning to play a few chapters, then do something else, but I couldn’t stop. I forgot how much I love Ota, and this was also just a great sequel. I really wish I could post multiple conversations here for you, because they were just so funny! Ota no longer acts like MC is his pet, but he continues to tease her. Ota manages to treat MC as his entertainment, while also being a very special person to him. Somehow, it works out. He pulls it off. It’s funny, while being cute and romantic.

While I find Ota to be an eccentric, interesting character, this story reminded me just how cool and different he is. He’s so multi-talented. Besides being an accomplished artist in multiple mediums, he also has done jobs in the fields of architecture, interior design, fashion design, he’s even designing a garden! He’s so creative, I can easily see why MC falls for that side of him.

He also has great villains in his stories. Rin was just terrible, and now Kuboyama continues to harass them as well. He is so sleezy; I really hate him. And after he assaulted MC?? I can’t believe they didn’t report him to the police. But common sense isn’t always common in Voltage stories…

Ota2 2

Well said MC.

Overall: If you love Ota, you will love this story. If you weren’t sure about him after his first story, this one will probably make you love him. MC really helps him and makes him a better person, and it’s amazing to see the changes in him. I can’t wait for more Ota!!

Also, there was this great scene where Baba disguised himself as Ota for awhile and we got this…

Ota2 4

It IS amazing. And while I can’t help thinking how much trouble two Otas would be…oh it would be so much fun too!



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