Kissed by the Baddest Bidder – Mamoru Kishi (Main Story)

Intro: I didn’t think Mamoru was that interesting of a character, but I was very curious as to what his route would be like. I wanted to learn more about him. He’s so lazy and uninterested in everything, it’s hard to imagine him falling in love, let alone carrying on a long conversation. Well, I was in for a surprise! A glorious, dramatic, amazing surprise! This was a GREAT story and Mamoru is awesome!

My Thoughts: Mamoru is not at all interested in taking care of you after the auction, and he ends up shipping you off to the AID, which is a weird religious cult involved with the auctions. The first couple chapters of this story were very strange. I was so confused as to why MC was here and what the heck was going on. Then Mamoru shows up. Turns out he is actually acting like a police detective for once, and is using you to get into the AID and do some undercover work. So, you are undercover agents. Pretty cool. And that’s only the first half!

One of the best things about this story is it’s so dramatic! There is a ton of action early on, and I could not put the game down. There were also a couple great plot twists! One I didn’t see coming at all. And since Mamo isn’t really a dangerous, scary character, MC is a little more snappy with him and has a bit of an attitude. I love it! They would bicker back and forth and it was great to see a Voltage MC be able to act that way, but also see Mamo get riled up. He’s normally so blah about everything. You also get to learn about his past, why he is the way he is today, and why he became a sponsor for the auctions.

Also, Mamo is adorable. I can’t believe he would be, but he is. He’s not super romantic like Baba, but him and MC are so cute together. One of my favorite scenes was when he called her for no reason, just to hear her voice. ADORABLE.

Overall: While Ota still wins out slightly as my favorite character, Mamo jumped right up there to the top, which I didn’t see happening at all. Also, I think his story is the best. It has action, drama, romance, plot twists, everything! After the first couple chapters, it’s such a great story. Am I gushing enough? I’ll leave you with A BLUSHING MAMO!!

Mamoru 2

As a side note, the epilogue was good, but it kept referencing some events I don’t remember being in the main story. Something about Valentine’s Day and a bet? I don’t know if there was a problem with translation, or some sort of screw-up with the stories, but something was off. Anyone else notice this?


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