Be My Princess 2 – Sieg Lieben (Main Story)

Oh boy. I’m getting spoiled with the really good Voltage stories.

Intro: Prince Sieg throws his bouquet at you to choose you for a marriage interview, but MC can’t figure out why since he was pretty mean to her in the beginning. Then when MC is at the marriage interview dinner, Sieg is rude, insulting and laughing at MC. She figures he must not like her at all.

Sieg 1

Except he keeps showing up. Sieg continually shows up at her home and work, then takes her out to different places. Somehow through this, they kind of become friends. MC becomes tolerant of him, and even begins to like Prince Sieg as she learns more about him.

My Thoughts: MC learns that there is “Prince Sieg” which is a persona he uses for the public, and an actual Sieg that he shows to her. He really cares about his position and his country, so he shows them the face he thinks they want. But it’s not the real him. So this is why Sieg likes MC from the very beginning – because she treats him normal.

Sieg 3

Sieg 4

It’s not the most uncommon love story, but it is so sweet and cute here. I really liked the MC in this story, because she can have quite an attitude, which was fun, and something that was really needed to deal with Prince Sieg in the beginning lol.

As they grow closer, Sieg becomes a real sweetheart, while still retaining some of his haughty attitude. He takes care of her when she is sick! Which was adorable. And since he likes cooking, the two of them in the kitchen together is heart warming.

Sieg 7

Another great thing in this story is the butler, Hans! He is a great support, and so cute crying when Sieg and MC finally got together!

What was not so great, was the second part of this story when they go to Dres Van. It’s kind of a weird plot, and I feel it’s solved too easily. But at least at the end Sieg’s father was a nice guy, because I really hated him in the beginning.

Overall: I really loved Sieg! He is funny and snarky, but can be romantic. And once you get past his harshness towards the beginning, he really gives off the image of a noble prince that loves his country. He is a great mix between a normal guy and royalty. And oh is he hot in his leather jacket!

Sieg 2

I greatly preferred the first half of the story, when they were getting to know each other and falling in love to the weird second half, but I loved Sieg so much, it didn’t bother me.

Sieg 8

Sieg 9

SWOON!  I can’t wait for his sequel!


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