Roommates Review – Part 1

roommates 1

Intro: I really like Winter Wolves games, and they are having a sale till the 30th, so I bought one of their new games, Roommates. The otome version has you playing as Anne, but there is also a version where you play as Max and try to woo the girls (and one guy). I bought both since they were on sale. I’ve never played a game as the male character, so I thought it would be fun to do at some point in the future.

My Thoughts: I want to start off by saying this game is FUNNY. I laughed out loud so many times! Some scenes are just like watching a sitcom. And that is one of this games strengths. Besides being a comedy, it just felt like the group was really close. It was all very happy and feel good. Reminded me of an episode of Friends! It also reminded me of college! I’ve been out of college about six years now, so it was really great to relive some of the same moments I had. Especially where they all sit and play Circle of Death! So funny, especially a drunk Sally.

roommates 2

Another plus was the main character Anne. You can really see how she changes over the course of the game. Not only from her experiences at college, but because of the people around her that she grows to care about. She’s super shy at the beginning, and towards the end she is still a little shy…but much more open and not as nervous. At the end of Max’s route, she even yelled at the bouncer! I was so impressed. So far I have only played Max and Dominic’s routes, so I’ll discuss Isabella and Rakesh at another time.

roommates 3

Max: Anne and Max are the two main characters I guess, since that is who you can play as. Max was really entertaining, so I think I’ll have fun playing as him when I eventually do his game. It’ll be interesting to get inside his head. Anyways, I think Max and Anne are very cute together. They are both sweethearts, but beyond that, very much opposites. Anne really cares about school and is shy. Max is only at college temporarily till his band gets going, and he is a big partier. But somehow, they work. They are the good type of opposites, because they support each other. He brings her our of her shell, and she keeps him from getting too crazy. But I don’t think it would work if Max wasn’t actually a really good guy, despite his flashy exterior. He’s obviously more experienced, used to girls throwing themselves at him. He could easily take advantage of innocent Anne, but he never does. What a sweetheart. I do feel bad for poor Dominic though. You can tell he likes Anne, but she keeps picking Max. I like Max, but I was happy to move on to cute Dominic!

roommates 6
Dominic: Dominic is the RA of the house, so he is a few years older. He’s very responsible and smart – he is already working on his master’s degree in Physics. He makes a good match for Anne from the beginning. As she says, he is just like a Prince Charming. But Dominic comes off as a very real, normal guy. You can tell from the very beginning he likes Anne. He is too cute around her. I love when he gets embarrassed and nervous. Dominic is also a TA for a few classes, and he really seems to care about everyone learning, and being a good teacher. He has a very admirable attitude about wanting everyone to do their best. But sometimes he gets frustrated with people like Isabella or Max who don’t seem to care about learning at all, and just want to have fun. I think this is one of the reasons he likes Anne from the start; she wants to grow as a person, but obviously is there to learn academically and get good grades as well. At one point he sets up a surprise date for her in one of the classrooms – SO SWEET! And he takes care of her when she is sick…adorable. Can you tell I really like Dominic?

Overall: So far, this game has been worth it, especially at the sale price. And I’ve only played two routes. Another plus is the music, which I really like. I actually bought the special edition with the soundtrack, since it was on sale too. I LOVED the soundtrack for Nicole, and regret not buying the special edition with the songs to this day! And the music for Roommates is done by the same people, so it’s good too.

I know some people will not be thrilled with the stat raising. It’s not my favorite either, but it’s very similar to Nicole or The Flower Shop, so if you’ve played those you should be familiar. Just make sure you know what stats you need, and you should have no problem getting them. Just throw the game on easy mode. After I figured out what I needed the first few weeks, I left everything pretty much the same and just made minor adjustments as I went along.

This is getting pretty long so I’ll finish up. I should hopefully have a short review for Rakesh and Isabella next week, and eventually play Max’s side of the game as well. And in case anyone is interested, Winter Wolves has an official walk through up here:

I had this open while I played and it was very helpful. If you are thinking of getting the game, get it soon! The sale lasts through the 30th, and you can get the game for under $8! So worth it.


2 thoughts on “Roommates Review – Part 1

  1. I thought I had downloaded this, but the one I did was free… I’m currently playing a different game, so I’d like to finish that before I move on to what might be this. I admit you got me a bit more interested in it XD;

  2. I’m so glad! I thought it was pretty fun. Keep an eye on Winter Wolves’ website, because I’m sure it will go on sale again. If you play, let me know what you think! 😀

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