Summer Anime Season 2014

Hello everyone!

I recently played Voltage’s new game Enchanted in the Moonlight (which I HIGHLY recommend), but other then that I haven’t been playing any new games. Why? I’ve been too distracted with all the new anime coming out for the Summer Season! There are a lot of really great shows, and I have a pretty long list.

Here’s what I’ll be watching as of now:
The Irregular at Magic High School (continuing from Spring)
Sailor Moon Crystal (ah, the nostalgia)
Free! Eternal Summer
Aldnoah Zero
Sword Art Online II (yay more Kirito!!)
Akame ga Kill!
DRAMAtical Murder
Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-kun
Blue Spring Ride
Tokyo Ghoul
Terror in Resonance

Woo that’s quite a list. I’m still hoping someone picks up Love Stage!! and Tokyo ESP, so I might be adding more. Crunchyroll still has some shows to announce, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

The shows that impressed me most so far were Tokyo Ghoul, Aldnoah Zero, and Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-kun. Tokyo Ghoul was bloody and scary, but really interesting. The main character’s change from a normal human to a ghoul, and realizing what was happening to him…it was so well done. Very impressive first episode. I’m not totally sure what’s happening with Aldnoah Zero, but somehow the first episode really left me wanting more. The director and creator are the same as Fate/Zero, which I really loved, so I’m expecting awesomeness. And Nozaki-kun was just adorable and funny. I really like the two main characters. I’ll have to read the manga now.

Okay so, I promise to have a review of Enchanted in the Moonlight for you soon! But if you don’t want to wait, just play the game! You won’t regret it. 😉



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