Enchanted in the Moonlight – Miyabi (Main Story)

Miyabi 1

Intro: Due to your “special blood”, a group of hot ayakashi guys invade your house! They ask you to choose one of them to marry and have children with, and in return, they will protect you from all the not so nice ayakashi. That’s the story in a nut shell. It’s really very similar to Black Bird, if you have read that manga. I’ll start off with saying this is a very pretty game. The music is great – I love the main theme! And the backgrounds are beautiful. Look at how pretty!

Miyabi 2 Miyabi 13

And the icing on the cake is the guys. It’s a great group of guys that feel very close. I love when they are all really good friends. Each one is a different ayakashi, so they are all different and interesting. I can’t wait to play each guy!

Miyabi 5

My Thoughts: Miyabi is a kitsune, and he has no filter. That’s the best way to describe Miyabi. He is confident, arrogant, and sexy, but he will just say whatever is on his mind, especially concerning the MC and sex, regardless of how embarrassed she is, or who is around. Poor shy MC! Miyabi also knows he is God’s gift to females, and can’t understand why MC doesn’t fall for him right away. But MC has a crush on her manager at work, Taro. Oh is it fun to see Miyabi jealous! And he is too cute when he blushes. He’s quite suave, so it doesn’t happen very often, but I was so giddy when it did!

Miyabi 10

As the story goes on, MC learns more about Miyabi, his past, and his standing in the ayakashi village. He is clan leader of the kitsune, but turns out he is only half-ayakashi (his mother was human), so even thought he is extremely powerful, the other ayakashi look down on him. Miyabi normally has a smart mouth and a comment for everything, so to see him sit quietly and take the vicious remarks from people in the village was heart breaking. He really has an inferiority complex about his birth. I was so proud of MC when she stepped up and defended him! It was an amazing moment between the two, and you can really see why Miyabi starts to fall for her.

Miyabi 14



Miyabi 7

Haha okay Miyabi. Basically, Miyabi really goes after MC, because he wants her “special blood” to secure his status as clan leader, and have powerful little babies with her. Despite his persistence, MC really puts up a good fight. But along the way, they truly fall in love, and it’s a sweet story.

And I don’t know WHY Voltage didn’t put kitsune Miyabi in more often, because oh my goodness, is he adorable.

Miyabi 3

As a side note – compared to Voltage’s other stories, this one is racy! It’s not explicit, but it’s certainly more involved then any others I have read. I have read Chikage’s story, and his isn’t quite like Miyabi’s, so I’m assuming it’s just his character? Not sure why Voltage decided to go that route for this specific guy, but it fits with his personality!



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