Heart no Kuni no Alice – Peter White

Intro: Alice is spending a nice Sunday afternoon in the garden with her sister Lorina, who she adores. When Lorina goes to get cards for them to play, Alice gets very sleepy and decides to take a short nap. She wakes up when a cute white rabbit starts talking about how she is supposed to chase him. But this Alice is not your normal version of Alice…assuming she is dreaming, she rolls back over and goes to sleep! She is suddenly awakened when the rabbit, who has turned into a man, picks her up and jumps down a huge hole that has appeared in her garden!

My Thoughts: Peter White is, of course, the white rabbit. I wanted to play him first for a couple reasons…mainly, while reading the Alice manga, every guy seemed to have their own manga or storyline, but I never saw one for Peter! I felt so bad for him. Maybe I just missed it. But I wanted to see how a romance between the two would play out, since I saw one for everyone else. Also, Peter is the first person Alice meets from Wonderland. Peter wants her there, so he brings her (with Nightmare‘s help), and that’s the entire reason she is there in the first place. It seems like Blood, or maybe Julius, is the most popular character, but Peter to me seems to be the canon guy because of this. Especially when you learn his true identity.

So, what can I say about Peter? He LOVES Alice. That’s the main point here lol. He just adores her. He is Prime Minister of Heart Castle, so he does do some other things…but he will drop it immediately if he thinks he can see Alice, or she needs something. His life really revolves around her. He says as long as she is in this world and happy, even if she is not with him, that’s good enough for him…but of course if you choose his route, he starts wanting more from her, as they spend more time together.

In the beginning, and through most of the route really, Alice doesn’t like Peter. She blames him for bringing her to this “dream world” in the first place, and making her drink the potion that keeps her there.

Peter 1

Eventually she sees him in his bunny form, which is adorable, and she starts to warm up to him. As they spend more time together, he switches back to his human form more often, and she starts to not mind. 90% of the time, he doesn’t listen to what she says, and it’s really quite funny.

Peter 3

Even when Alice realizes she is in love with him, she still acts somewhat emotionally distant to him. Really, she is sending him mixed signals, and I feel bad for Peter. She lets him sleep in her bed with her, and even kisses him, but she won’t say she loves him, and even takes forever to admit they are together! Granted, she seems to feel Peter doesn’t know what it means to truly love someone, so she is hesitant. He says it so easily, and is so passionate about it, and she doesn’t know where it comes from or what started it.

There was a HILARIOUS scene, where they finally become a couple. Peter is bragging to the maids about how Alice is his.

Peter 4

Then somehow he brings up the subject of children! Alice is aghast, Peter is blissfully happy and oblivious, and the maids want to take care of their cute bunny-babies. Oh good heavens, I could barely breathe I was laughing so hard. His route was so worth it for this scene.

Peter 5

Peter 6

Overall: I really like Peter. A lot of people don’t seem to, and I can understand why…he is sort of stalkerish. But I’ve played few otome routes where I feel the guy really loves the MC this much. From the beginning, no matter what, just a complete, unconditional love. I guess I’m painting kind of a rosy picture of him here, but I can’t help it because I’m biased. Out of all the characters, I feel like he’s the only one that really needs her. Everyone else would be fine without her. But from the beginning, Peter always loves and needs Alice.

A few issues with the game…I feel like they end scenes/routes very abruptly. Is that just me? She decides to stay in Wonderland for the guy she loves, and finally seems like she is warming up to them…and it ends. I guess I want some sort of happy epilogue. But that’s what all the fan discs and extra games are for…who knows if we will ever get them over here in English though!

Everyone seems to love Alice as an otome heroine, because she is different and has a backbone…but she is too cold for me. Although, she herself admits that she is gloomy, has low self-esteem, with a nasty personality. And because she is this way, she is really quite funny! I just wish she was a little nicer to the guys, at least when she realizes she loves them.

Peter 2

I can understand her being cold to Peter, because she was mad at him to begin with, but she is this way with Ace too. Also, she accepts everything too easily! Other then the role holders, Wonderland is populated by no-faces. Isn’t this weird??? I know she thinks this is a dream, but she never questions it or goes “Huh…that’s strange.” Peter and the others kill the no-faces so easily, on a whim, sometimes right in front of her too. Her reaction is like…“This is bothersome, wish I was somewhere else,” instead of, “Don’t kill! These are living, breathing people!!” I just wish she was more aghast about it.

Anyways, these are just my pet peeves. Overall, Alice is an interesting, funny heroine, and all the other characters are great so far. There’s good interaction, and I like the game. I’ve already played Ace’s route, and I think I’m going to go start Boris. Even though I have my issues, it’s a lot of fun and I can’t stop playing!!

Heart no Kuni no Alice – Intro

Sorry I have not updated in awhile! But I haven’t played any otome games recently…I was on vacation for a week, then catching up on the large amount of anime I am watching, and missed while I was on vacation. Then, something happened that immediately got me playing again…

alice 1

Heart no Kuni no Alice, a.k.a. Alice in the Country of Hearts, has been translated into English! Known as Alice in the Heart, it can now be played on iPhone or Android. This game has been around for a long time, and has many incarnations on different platforms, along with a multitude of fan discs and follow-up games. I consider it one of the most famous otome franchises. So I was ECSTATIC when English Otome Games suddenly announced I could get it on my phone! I immediately downloaded.

You can buy a package with all the characters (voiced or non-voiced), but you can also buy each character individually, like a Voltage game. Because of this, it seems the game play has been altered quite a bit from the original. From my understanding, in the original, you go around for 300 turns (200 in the Anniversary edition) to visit different people in Wonderland. You get different events with them, and slowly work your way to the route for whichever guy you want through your interactions and choices. I have only played one route so far (Peter White), but I basically just had to choose to stay at Heart Castle, then show my interest in him over Ace and Vivaldi, to get on his route. That was it. The game let me visit other areas a couple times in the beginning, but otherwise the events just seemed to run on auto, and I made my choices. I’ve heard the original game was difficult/tedious due to all the turns you had to go through, so maybe this is a good thing?

I got Peter’s Stay Good End, and I’ll review later. I’m unsure so far how to get any of the bad ends, or the ends that involve multiple characters. I also know you can stay somewhere else, and still get an end for Peter, but I’m unsure how to do that as well. When I chose to stay at Heart Castle, it didn’t give me an option to show interest in anyone other then it’s occupants. The Clocktower where Julius lives was also not an option, but I’ve heard his route is  only available after you play Ace’s route…so hopefully I can choose him in the future. There aren’t many good walkthroughs for this game in English, so I’m kind of going into this blind.

My big complaint with this game is the translation. Here are some examples…

General 2

General 1

General 3

Okay so that last one is really bad; I’m not even sure what it’s saying. Most lines aren’t that bad. But there are quite a few where the spelling or grammar is wrong.  It seems like they fed the dialogue into a computer to translate, then immediately used it, without an English speaking human to look it over. I suppose that gets it done cheaply and quickly. Sometimes the lines are really bad; sometimes I can read for a bit without noticing anything. I’m really upset about the crappy translation, and I’m hoping this does not become a trend for otome games coming over. Please, for the love of God, pay an English speaking person for a week to fix the dialogue appropriately.

That being said, I bought the full package of all the characters. Why? A big reason is I want to support otome games in the US. I’m hoping with this, and the new Hiiro no Kakera game released recently (also for the phone), more games will keep coming. I’d prefer them on my computer, or a console, but I’ll take them however I can get them. The other reason is I’ve read quite a few of the Alice in the Country of Hearts manga, and I really love the characters. They are ALL great. I know I’m going to want to play them all, so I got the full package. Plus, it seems like the full package is the only one that has the true ending included? I guess we’ll see as I go along. Also, the game is fully voiced, which is rare for otome games in the US, and it’s awesome. It really brought the characters to life for me.

So that’s all for now. I’ll review Peter soon. I was having a hard time deciding who to do next, but I started Ace. I’ll save Vivaldi for close to the end, but between Peter and Ace, I’m spending a lot of time at Heart Castle with these three, who I love!

alice 3