Heart no Kuni no Alice – Ace

Intro: I’m sorry I haven’t been around much! I’ve been catching up on the summer TV shows, and reading a bunch of books. Which means I haven’t played too many otome. But I did play Ace awhile ago, and here, finally, is his review. Ace is one of my favorites from the Alice manga series, so I was really excited to play him. He really does remind me of a Wonderland character – cute and crazy, but dangerous as well.

My Thoughts: Ace and Alice seem to bond over the fact that they have bad personalities LOL. Alice is pretty straight forward about how gloomy and mean she is, but Ace is a little different. He seems like a cheerful, happy-go-lucky guy, and as the Knight of Heart Castle, he has that heroic, good guy thing going on. That’s Alice’s first impression. But there is something just under the surface with Ace. Alice can sense it, and while she enjoys his company more because of it (she thinks he would be boring if he was too perfect), it makes her wary of him as well.

While Peter can be very one dimensional, Ace is a ball of contradictions. It’s kind of hard to describe his personality. He has a sweet, Knightly exterior, but there is a dark part of him, and he has a side job that most in Wonderland would consider evil or distasteful. I think he does this job partly because Julius needs him to, but also because he wants to rebel as his role as the Knight. Ace looks nice and sounds sweet when he says things to you, but really what he says is very mean or threatening.

Ace 1

Ace can obviously be very dangerous, but he comes to love Alice over time, and I think they make a very odd but cute pair. They both have fractured personalities, so they fit well together.


They are fully aware of each other’s negative aspects, and still love each other, perhaps more because of the bad parts…It feels like Ace really loves Alice because he is so aware of her bad side, loves her anyways, and doesn’t want her to change.

Ace 3

It amazes me that the game creators were able to make two very opposite kinds of love between Ace and Peter (who seems to know Alice’s faults, but loves her blindly), and it still be beautiful and work both ways.

My complaints about this route? I feel like Alice is even colder to Ace! She never even admits out loud to him that she loves him. But, I suppose, he is kind of a dangerous guy that she feels uneasy with, by his and her admission…so I understand why she would feel hesitant. And poor Peter! I felt so bad for him, with Alice falling for some other guy right in front of him. It’ll be easier when she stays somewhere else and Peter isn’t around much.

Ace 6

Overall: Ace is crazy and weird, but I love him. You never quite know what he’s going to do or say, and that kept me guessing. I’d really love a fandisc or some sort of epilogue to see how Ace continues with Alice. Their relationship is full of opposites. Alice is incredibly comfortable with him, but wary as well. She loves him, but won’t admit it. It’s not your normal otome relationship, so I find it interesting. If you go in expecting a normal, sweet, romantic, Knightly character, you will be disappointed. Ace is anything but normal. But damn he looks good in a suit.

Ace 8