RE: Alistair++ Review


Intro: Ever since Sakevisual announced their new game Backstage Pass, I have been dying to play it! Why? Besides the fact that it looks beautiful and fun, Sakevisual created my very first otome game – RE: Alistair++. For me, this is the game that started it all, the game that got me hooked. I remember after I finished, I thought, “That was FUN!” And it’s all downhill from there. I was thinking about this game a few weeks ago, so I decided to go back and play it.

RE: Alistair++ was the first otome game for many players it seems. It’s free, but has great visuals, characters, and story, even though it’s pretty short. Merui is still one of my favorite protagonists; I just think she’s so hilarious and spunky. Even though I got all three guys and their bonus endings, there are apparently two other routes also. When I first played, I got the really depressing route where you end up with no one, AND you don’t figure out who Alistair is. I didn’t realize that there was one more route, where you end up with no one and guess correctly about Alistair. So this time around, I finally played all routes and was able to unlock the bonus. Woohoo! WARNING! Spoilers after this!


Travis Wright: Travis was the first guy I played, so I decided to make him my first play this time around also. I really like all 3 guys, but if a gun was put to my head, I’d choose Travis as my favorite. He’ll always have a special place as my very first otome guy. He also started my like of megane, as I never cared for guys with glasses before him. Travis is really a rude jackass with an icy exterior in the beginning, but as circumstances throw him and Merui together, he becomes a lot nicer, while still maintaining his cool edge. But when they start dating at the end, he is such a sweetheart, just like a knight or a prince!  When Merui learns about his past, it really brings a new light to his character; he’s so wonderful and responsible about taking care of his family. Merui tends to give mature, sagely advice to help Shiro and Derek get through their problems, but Travis is the one that advises and helps out Merui. He certainly acts like a Guardian, just like his character from Rivenwell Online.


Shiro Takayama: Shiro is sooooo sweet! I just want to take care of him. And according to the bonus at the end of the game, all you guys think so too, as he is the most popular character. He is the shy, smart guy paired with Merui to work on their class project. They end up spending time together to study, and she learns more about his life and family. His parents aren’t around much at all, and you can tell the poor baby is lonely without his family. Merui gives good advice, and he really opens up and learns to depend on her. The scene where they fall asleep together while studying is SO cute! I think it’s hard for him to get comfortable with another person and feel that relaxed, so it speaks volumes about what he feels for her. It’s also hilarious that he doesn’t mind the rumors about his family! Which is good, because they actually come in handy at the end…


Derek Nevine: Ah Derek. I have a love/hate relationship with him, which is appropriate since he seems to be the main guy, while also the villain. Derek is Alistair, so if you end up on a route that is not his, he tends to be a huge jerk at the end. However, if you play Derek’s route, you find out why. Outwardly he has everything – smart, popular, good at sports. But as Merui gets close to him, we learn he works REALLY hard for everything he has; it doesn’t come easy. Derek also mostly does it to make his parents happy, since they only seem to care about his accomplishments. While he is optimistic and easy going most of the time, Derek is also insecure and emotionally fragile. Merui doesn’t seem to be part of the popular crowd though, and doesn’t treat Derek special. She is a normal girl that sees him as a normal, hardworking guy, and that’s why he falls for her. If you get his bonus content, you find out what he wishes for at the fountain, and oh is it sweet! Derek also redeems himself a bit. If you play his route, but don’t realize he is Alistair, he does the right thing and confesses everything to you. Only thing I don’t like about his route is you have to ignore your project to get Derek, and I feel so bad pissing off Shiro!


Overall: RE: Alistair++ is a fun game that’s free! It’s not too long, so it’s a great game for people new to otome. Plus, Sakevisual made a walkthrough that really helps: I especially love at the end of each route, it will say “Alistair has joined your team,” or Oda or FionaWings. The route where you figure out Alistair, but don’t end up with anyone, it says “Don’t get mad, get your enemies banned.” Which I thought was hilarious since Merui turned Derek in and got him banned from the game.

Here is the website if anyone wants to download the game: I highly recommend if you have never played! Now I just have to wait impatiently for Backstage Pass to be released. I’ll be throwing my money at Sakevisual immediately. In the mean time, I’m still working my way through the Alice in the Heart mobile game, but I’ve been dying to play Ivan from Be My Princess 2 for awhile, so I might get sidetracked again…plus, Ota has some new games to buy! Ah so many otome, so little time.