Be My Princess 2 – Ivan Chernenkov (Main and Sequel)

Intro: So I broke down pretty fast and bought Ivan’s route. Ever since he gave his autograph to those little boys during the prologue, I’ve been really intrigued by him. If you finish the prologue with Ivan, he seems to be very taciturn and rude, but his intention is not to be unpleasant. It’s really just a form of “tough love” to get  MC to dance better (so she’s not made fun of). He’s also only one of two princes out of the eight to not be descended from the original princes from Be My Princess, so we get a new royal family, with a new country. This country has a lot of issues, and it plays a huge role in who Ivan has become, as well as his relationship with MC, but we’ll get to that later. What you have to know is that Ivan is so badass and manly, that he has not one, but TWO PET WOLVES! No regular dogs for this guy. On to the awesomeness that is Ivan.

Ivan 5

My Thoughts: In the beginning, MC is very baffled as to why Ivan likes her and chooses her as a marriage candidate, and understandably so. After a few brief encounters, she is told she is going to Sanct Sybil with other girls to determine the future princess, but….SURPRISE! There are actually no other girls at all! After determining MC doesn’t have a boyfriend, and likes his country okay, Ivan just announces their engagement to everyone! Turns out Ivan doesn’t like all the wussy noble girls and all the problems their families bring with them.

Ivan 1

He wants a strong, hard-working commoner with a great strength of will to have babies with! He thinks this type of girl will be able to survive his country the best, since life is hard in Sanct Sybil, and there is a lot of political unrest and uprisings.

Ivan 10

For various reasons (snow, war), MC ends up hanging around and getting to know Ivan after he announces their engagement, even though she doesn’t really seem to want to follow through with it. But of course it all works out for the best in the end for them.

So, I have a lot of thoughts on Ivan, all mostly good. He’s really interesting and different from the other princes I think. His mom died when he was a baby, and his older sisters were married off to different countries shortly after that, so he grew up alone. Even though his father the king is around, there is so much unrest and problems going on in the country, he is constantly traveling around trying to hold things together, so Ivan really steps in and handles a lot of work. With a lot of the other princes (at least the stories I’ve read), it seems like they are still in training and learning, but with Ivan it feels like he is already running the country. Maybe because of this and the way he grew up, he comes off as very regal, mature, and just very together. I was really impressed with his character. You can tell that he really thinks about all his subjects, from the nobles to the servants. Since he is royalty, he could take it easy and hide in his castle with all the turmoil going on, but he takes on the especially hard and scary tasks BECAUSE he is the prince. With MC, he could look down on her lack of knowledge because she’s a commoner, but he has no problem teaching her.

Ivan 7

I like that about him; Prince Sieg would have made fun of MC heh. Speaking of Sieg, he seems to be the closest prince to Ivan, so he shows up quite a bit in this story. Him and MC become friends, and its nice to see him in this role.

But Ivan isn’t perfect. I was majorly loving Ivan, until I found out that he doesn’t like women to work!! Sanct Sybil is so messed up and old fashioned, women holding jobs is actually looked down on. They are supposed to stay home and have babies. MC, who lives for her job as a pastry chef, had some issues with this, and thankfully stood up for herself. Eventually Ivan apologized and came around, so he redeemed himself. Then I was able to go back to loving Ivan. He’s normally quite somber, but when he is joking and teasing MC, it’s so cute and funny! Oh be still my heart. And in the sequel, Ivan blushes and gets jealous a lot! I LOVE A BLUSHING IVAN!

Ivan 12

Ivan’s original story is pretty intense, with all the happenings in Sanct Sybil. The sequel is a lot calmer, but it’s still a good story. It’s totally different from the other prince’s stories, where they have difficulty being with a commoner, or have resistance from their parents. Ivan pretty much finds a commoner he likes, says “Yep, this one’s good,” and that’s it. The country nor his father ever give him issue. I guess Ivan has such an imposing presence, and handles everything so well, they assume he was making a good decision. Also, I feel this is a romantic story, but romantic in a different way…Ivan and MC come to love each other slowly over time, so they aren’t very touchy-feely with each other. I think they just kiss once at the end and that’s it. Well, for the main story anyways. Lastly, the old-fashioned view of women in his country still kind of bothered me. Ivan was fine with MC working eventually, but it never addressed anybody else in the nation. I guess they have to work on holding the country together first…but I’d love to see a future story where MC champions women’s right to work.

Overall: Ignoring the women’s issues in his country, I really LOVE Ivan. He’s stoic and practical, but not mean. He doesn’t play games or mess around either. When he knows what he wants, he GOES for it. I’m actually having a hard time describing all the things I love about his character. He’s just got so many good qualities. He’s brave, regal, level-headed, fair, wise…all the qualities of a great leader rolled into one sexy, blonde package. Oh man, blondes are not my favorite, but Ivan is sooo sexy. I just want to play with his hair.

Ivan 15


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