Be My Princess 2 – Oliver Button (Main and Sequel)

Intro: Oliver first caught my eye way back in Prince Hayden’s story, when he mentioned he had a harem. I had a bit of a spaz moment, finding this hilarious, but also completely flabbergasted as to why Prince Oliver would A, have a harem, and B, unabashedly talk to this girl about it. Well, Oliver doesn’t care, because it seems pretty well known that he is a playboy, and it’s apparently a tradition for him to have a harem. His grandfather Prince Roberto didn’t have one, but Oliver’s father started it. More on that later though.

Prince Oliver (who I keep wanting to call Roberto…) is a very light-hearted, easy going guy. He isn’t too formal, which makes him the easiest for a commoner like MC to get a long with I think. Just like his grandfather Roberto! He seems to be the social butterfly of the group, getting along well with all the princes, every girl he meets, and pretty much anyone he comes into contact with. So it’s surprising that MC plays so hard to get!

Oliver 3

Major spoilers for Oliver’s harem and overall storyline ahead.

My Thoughts: Unlike the MC from Ivan’s story, who flies off to Sanct Sybil for a marriage interview when she barely knows the guy, this MC won’t even take a stroll down to Nobel Michel castle to meet Oliver! Like the other princes, it’s pretty obvious Oliver likes MC from the beginning, but boy is she hard to get. She declines to meet Oliver because she has to teach a baking class, but surprise! Oliver shows up to the class.

Oliver 1

He obviously wants to spend time with her and get to know her better, but MC is being difficult. Eventually he convinces her to take a leave of absence from work (by supplying an extra pastry chef), and become a baking instructor in Altaria. And who will she be instructing? HIS HAREM! LOL!

Well, Oliver is NOT a playboy, but a sweetie with a heart of gold, and the harem is actually a cover for abused women that need to escape from whatever bad situation they are in, and have no where to go. It’s a secret who these women are and where they are, so whoever from their bad past can’t locate them. Oliver wants MC to teach baking to the women (who range in age from children to elderly ladies), so they have a skill they can use to make it on their own when they eventually leave. AWWWW!!!

But here enters Sayla. She is Oliver’s childhood friend, and a girl escaping her abusive father in the harem. She is also head over heels for Oliver. Her feelings are obvious, and stupid MC immediately backs off from Oliver so Sayla can have him! WTF! MC is soooo annoying here, worrying about Sayla and her feelings. I’m sorry Sayla has had a hard life, but Oliver doesn’t want her, stupid MC. She is so aware of Sayla’s feelings, but completely oblivious to Oliver’s, and refuses to accept her own feelings for him.

Oliver 5

She is not just wishy-washy, but at one point she is down right mean to Oliver to protect herself and her feelings. I really disliked MC the first part of this story. Eventually MC gets a clue, and her and Sayla have a really good talk. I really like Sayla as a character, so I’m glad she bowed out gracefully and they became friends. MC actually influenced Sayla to become a pastry chef, which I thought was really great. And all is happy until…the second part.

There were clues along the way, but eventually it is confirmed for MC that Oliver is dying!! He has a very rare disease that is slowly killing him. There is a surgery in Oriens that could possibly cure him, but it has a very low survival rate. So, Oliver has pretty much accepted his fate and is prepared to die. It makes me sad because he is so upbeat in character, but very pessimistic when it comes to his survival. He’s just given up. So I wonder why he pursued MC when he knew he wasn’t going to live much longer? Anyway, Prince Kuon eventually shows up and informs them that the surgery has been improved, and the survival rate is now a little better, but Oliver already has his mind made up to just let everything go. So of course, it’s up to MC to change his mind. It’s a predictable story, and I wasn’t too worried because OF COURSE he’s going to survive, but it was really great to see Oliver’s character growth before and after the surgery.

Oliver 10

Overall: I like Oliver; it was interesting to see him change over the course of the story and become a stronger person. Plus, he’s just such a sweetheart. I also liked Sayla and her growth to becoming a stronger, better person as well. I did NOT like MC the first half of the story. She was oblivious, stubborn, and in denial. But, she does get better the second half. Thank goodness. I also liked Kuon in this story. I don’t know if he actually liked MC, or was just teasing Oliver to give him more reason to live, but he ended up being very amusing, and now I’m interested in him too.

Oliver 9

However! Next I’m going to play Kevin. He showed up for a bit in the sequel, and I thought he was interesting. Also, he seems to be a hidden/unknown prince, or maybe an illegitimate child descended from Prince Keith. As far as I know, none of the other princes have this kind of storyline, so that’s going to be fun! Wow this is getting long, so I’ll stop rambling and leave you with this beautiful picture of Oliver!

Oliver 7


One thought on “Be My Princess 2 – Oliver Button (Main and Sequel)

  1. Kevin is not illegitimitiet child. He is lost prince. So in fact, he is a grandson of Keith. I had played his route, so I knew from it😊. Thanks for your review, I really love it.

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