Be My Princess 2 – Kevin Grant (Main and Sequel)

Ah I’m alive! I’m sorry I haven’t been around. I haven’t been playing much otome…too busy reading books/manga, and watching some shows. I’ve recently become OBSESSED with Kuroko’s Basketball, which is odd since I’m not really into sports or sport shows…but on to Kevin!

Intro: Kevin’s story is totally different from all the other princes, either the original Be My Princess or this new game. And because of that, I thought this story was GREAT! Keith is one of the more popular princes from Be My Princess, and while I like him and think he can be fun to interact with, he was not my favorite. He can be very rude and childish. And while I thought he was incredibly beautiful with his dark hair and striking green eyes, I always wanted to take a pair of scissors to his hair and trim it…his hair was a bit too long for me! But this time around, they decided to take Keith, cut his hair a little, have him act a little more grown up while still retaining his stubborn, cute side…and viola! Kevin! Yay for me!!

My Thoughts: Kevin Grant is a graduate student studying politics in Nobel Michel when MC meets him. Through a few accidental meet-ups (where he thinks she is stalking him), they eventually learn they are living in the same building.

Kevin 3

In the beginning, Kevin is rude and stuck up. He is beautiful, talented, everyone loves him, and he knows it! So no surprise he acts this way. But MC gets to know him over time and they become friends. He even asks her on a date (sort of).

Kevin 6

After a run-in with the mafia, they learn that Kevin is actually the long lost prince Andrew Alford. At three years old, he was swept away in a river when the family was on vacation. However, Kevin is found and adopted by some nice local farmers, and he grows up with no memory of who he is.

And luckily, Kevin is already prince material. Besides being good at everything, he was aiming to be a politician. He really wants to make a difference in his country. Because he was raised as a commoner, Kevin has to go through prince training!

Kevin 7

HAH! This is totally different from the other stories, where all the MCs have to go through princess training. And MC is there for the whole journey. Kevin and her are SO sweet together. You can really tell he comes to rely on her being there. I like that she knows him before the whole prince thing starts. The game shows how they go from strangers, to friends, to lovers really well. It was a great progression.

Kevin 9

This story was really great as well. Kevin is very charismatic, and you can really feel his passion to get rid of the crime syndicates that have started to take over Liberty, and really make the country a better place for the citizens. It’s not just a fluffy royal drama story. There is some real depth and tension to what is happening in this country.

Kevin 11

It’s also just a really exciting story! The mafia is after Kevin, and parts of the story felt like a real action blockbuster, with explosions and car chases!

Kevin 12

Also, the sequel is great. I don’t always feel the sequel is as good as the original story, but this one felt like a real continuation of the main storyline. It dealt with repercussions of a bill Kevin passes, and continued to focus on the mafia and a character that was in the main story, but never explained much…it also references a point in the main story when we learn at what point Kevin fell for MC! I was happy to learn since he wouldn’t answer before. And the proposal was SO SWEET! I almost cried.

Overall: Basically, I think Kevin and his story are awesome. It’s different from the others since he doesn’t start out as a prince. The story tackles some real issues, but it’s not so intense and without cutesy romance that it feels heavy. And a huge bonus is that the sequel is one of the best I have read. If you liked Keith, or want a little different Be My Princess story, I think you’ll like this one.

Kevin 5