Scandal in the Spotlight – Kyohei Rikudoh (Main, Epilogue, Sequel, Sequel Epilogue, His POV)

photoIntro: MC is an aspiring screenwriter, but she isn’t having much luck. She even loses her notebook with some of her ideas in it, including some lyrics she wrote that she thought would help one of her screenplays. The cute guy who works at the café she frequents gives her some tickets to a Revance concert though, so MC grabs her friend and goes, even though she doesn’t know much about boy bands. While at the concert, one of the songs sounds awfully familiar…it’s her lyrics! The band tracks her down, and it turns out the nice café guy is actually the secret sixth member of Revance, Ryo, their lyricist. He’s disappeared for some reason, but took her notebook with the lyrics (thief!) and told the guys to use her as their ghostwriter. But MC isn’t so sure she’s up for the job…

My Thoughts: I have some issues with this story, but I’ll get to that later. Let’s get to Kyohei. He’s one of the leaders of Revance and their producer. He basically threatens MC into writing a sexy song for their 10th anniversary, or he’ll use his influence in the entertainment world to make sure she never becomes a screenwriter.

Kyohei 2

Not sure what to do, MC agrees to be their ghostwriter, even though she’s only written the one song. She ends up living with the guys, and gets to know them and how their lives work. They are all quite different offstage, especially Iori. Eventually we see Kyohei isn’t such a mean guy, but he puts Revance’s good over everything. His father was a famous performer/producer, but he died saving Kyohei’s live when he was little, so his career got cut short. Kyohei feels it is his duty, in honor of his father, to become extremely successful with Revance.

MC obviously has a hard time writing a sexy song, since she isn’t really a lyricist, but Kyohei basically gives her fantasies by hitting on her and turning her on.

Kyohei 1

It’s very similar to Kaikan Phrase aka Sensual Phrase. Anyone ever read that? The storyline is incredibly similar. I feel one of the Voltage writers must have recently read the manga before coming up with this app. Over time, the two fall in love, just like Sakuya and Aine from Kaikan Phrase.

Anyways, there is some drama from a guy named Shinya, who I still can’t figure out if he is a bad guy or not.
Kyohei 3

In one of the endings he helped them out, so I don’t know. I went back and forth with liking him. But through all this we see Kyohei falling in love and becoming a sweetheart; he even puts her good above Revance’s. That’s when you know he loves her!

Kyohei 4

Between the two endings, I like the Dramatic one the best, even though I think the Romantic one is supposed to be the better one? The Romantic one they end up back at the house where they can be alone, but the Dramatic one was just so…dramatic! LOL! I liked seeing the concert and her being on stage, and Kyohei confessing his love with all the bright lights and madness of the concert scene.

Now my issues…What the heck is so wrong with a ghostwriter?? They act like it’s the end of the world if people find out Revance isn’t writing their own lyrics. But Takashi writes all the music, and Kyohei even writes the lyrics for one of the songs…so it’s not like they don’t do anything musically. I guess here in the US, I assume the majority of pop acts don’t write their own music/lyrics, so it’s accepted. Maybe it’s a big deal in Japan? Also! They INSIST on this girl writing lyrics for them just because she wrote one song they liked. Just because their lyricist Ryo says they should. They have a lot of faith in her from just one song lyric. At least with Kaikan Phrase, Aine wanted to be a lyricist and had written multiple songs.

Also, at the time, I didn’t have time to play through and get both endings. I got the Dramatic one first. So I went ahead and paid for the ending set, because I wanted to see what it did, plus I wanted to see what the ending movie with the vocals was like. Well, I won’t be doing that again! What a waste for $2.99. It’s nice you can get both endings so quickly, but the old Voltage games used to give you both once you completed one route! And while the video is nice, it’s not really animated…just looks like the normal opening videos. And the song is short! It’s not even a full length song. I feel ripped off.

I will say I love the music though! I actually left my phone open to the main screen for awhile to hear the song. I’ve only ever done that with Enchanted in the Moonlight.

Overall: I like Kyohei, and I like the band idea. The story is fun, even if there were some weird plot issues that bugged me. I’ll probably try Iori next, but I’m most interested in Takashi and the mysterious lyricst Ryo. I might get annoyed with not getting both endings easily though…guess I’ve been spoiled.

Kyohei 6

I played all of Kyohei’s available stories, including his POV. I actually liked his POV story, unlike the couple times I tried playing one before. I don’t know if they have just improved those stories, or if I have a better idea of what to expect now. MC tends to be fairly shy and proper, so the stories from a guy’s point of few are fun because they are much more blunt and…not proper lol. Kyohei walks the line with MC between being tough with work, and being sweet as her boyfriend, but I think he pulls it off well. He can be critical of MC’s work, but only because he has been in this business a long time. He knows what he’s doing, and he wants her to do well. Luckily, MC handles criticism like a champ. That’s definitely one of her strong points in this story!

Okay this is getting way too long, but let me say one more thing. While I don’t think it was worth the extra money for the ending set for the main story, I DO think it was worth it for the sequel. You get an extra story about Kyohei going to a magazine photo shoot, and get an extra sexy photo of him as the magazine cover. Definitely worth it!


4 thoughts on “Scandal in the Spotlight – Kyohei Rikudoh (Main, Epilogue, Sequel, Sequel Epilogue, His POV)

  1. Is the song w/ vocals for the ending movie the same track used in the main screen, or is it a different song? I really do want to hear their voices! >.< And I have the melody stuck in my head, I love it! ♥ If only Revance is a real band…;;

    • The song with vocals is different from the opening song. It’s more of a slow love song. And I get the opening song stuck in my head all the time too! So catchy. I think it’s the best song Voltage has come out with.

      • Ah, I just heard the end song on Youtube with all 5 members. As sweet as the song is, I still working prefer that epic opening song more. I love how upbeat it is, I can almost imagine the choreography to it! ;;

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