Scandal in the Spotlight – Iori Enjo (Main, Epilogue, Sequel, Sequel Epilogue, His POV)

Intro: Oh Iori. I have a real love/hate relationship with him. He can be so incredibly mean and rude, but then end up doing these sweet things that really make me swoon! And he never really says sweet things, it’s all in his actions, which maybe proves how much he loves MC.

Iori 8

My Thoughts: MC calls Iori “evil prince”, and for good reason. He seems like a sweet, polite prince to his fans, but it’s all an act. His personality is totally different.

Iori 1

Thank goodness for Matsunaga who keeps Iori in check at the start of the story, so he’s actually decent to MC and they can start to form a connection. After Iori starts to fall for MC, he doesn’t turn over a new leaf and start treating her nicely. He just goes from being mean and indifferent, to teasing her. He keeps calling her a masochist, and while MC denies it, she must be a little bit to put up with the sadist Iori.

Iori 13

But, I can’t blame her when he turns around and does all these nice things! Iori is very observant. He notices when MC wants to go on a normal date, so he reserves a WHOLE THEME PARK so they can act like a normal couple for awhile (sort of). And he’s very cute when he keeps Nagito from touching her all the time.

Iori 11

The sequels and epilogues were pretty good too. I was worried about his father and first love Shiho for awhile, but they both end up being good characters.

Unlike Kyohei, I actually enjoyed the romantic ending better. I thought it wrapped things up better in both the main story and sequel. And this scene was just SO cute! MC loves oranges, and Iori always teases her for it. I just thought it was funny how he found a way to tease her, while still saving the day.

Iori 14

As a side note, Iori’s crazy fans in this story are awful! I HATE when there are crazy, mean fans. Do these people really exist in real life?? It’s hard to imagine anyone acting that way.

Overall: Iori is like a rollercoaster. One minute I’m swearing at him because DAMN is he being a mean tease, and the next I’m all AWWWW over his sweet gestures, and the way he supports MC. I’m not quite sure what to do with him to be honest lol. Luckily, this MC is pretty tough to put up with Iori. I don’t think everyone will like Iori just because of his weird personality, but he certainly keeps things interesting.

Iori 17


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