Scandal in the Spotlight – Kota Igarashi (Main, Epilogue, Sequel, Sequel Epilogue, His POV)

Kota 2

Intro: Kota started out kind of blah and mean, but somehow I was curious about him. Why does he want to be an actor? Why does he want to be in Revance? Luckily, the story answered all my questions for me!

Kota 11

My Thoughts: Thank you Nagito. This is how Kota is. They often describe him as a cat in the game, and that is quite true. Even when MC and Kota are a couple, he is perfectly fine off doing his own thing when he doesn’t want to be bothered, and he will pull away if you try to push too hard. But when he wants attention, it’s just so adorable and cute!

Kota 10

I ended up really liking Kota. The story does a good job of showing Kota and MC growing close, even with Kota’s weird personality. It’s so cute when they bond over their favorite actor, and you can really see Kota opening up. Kyohei and Iori are kind of larger then life personalities; they can be hard to relate to. But Kota seems much more normal with his comics and video games…he really just likes relaxing in his room.

Kota 4

Kota is 27, but to be honest, I feel he acts like a 17 year old sometimes. It’s just his mannerisms and the things he does…maybe he is emotionally stunted from having no friends as a kid? He doesn’t always seem to know how to handle people and relationships well. But when he is trying to make a connection with MC, it’s so cute.

For the main story, I liked the romantic ending better. You find out why Kota fell for MC and he’s just a blushing, adorable mess. For the sequel, I liked the dramatic ending, because I don’t like when they give in to the evil screenwriter!!! However the romantic ending is soooo cute when he calls her “dear” and acts like they are married.

Kota 17

Overall: It can be hard to get Kota to open up, but he’s such a sweetheart after you put in the work. You can tell he is the type of guy who is very dedicated and loyal once he has someone.

But thank goodness for Nagito in the sequel, who really pushes Kota and MC to be together. He kind of does that in the main story too…I’m not sure they’d be together in the main story without his influence either! Can’t wait for Nagito’s story!

Kota 1

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