Be My Princess 2 – Kuon Casiraghi (Main Story)

Intro: Between Iori, Kota, and now Kuon, I’ve been spending a lot of time with some difficult Voltage men. While they’ve all grown on me, I’m looking forward to playing someone sweet and easy to get to know.

Kuon 1

My Thoughts: To be honest, I was quite angry with Kuon for the first few chapters. I kept laughing at how imperious he was, but he was getting me very riled up with his snooty rudeness. MC actually goes to the marriage interview that Kuon invited her to, and he GETS MAD AT HER FOR SHOWING UP! I couldn’t figure out what he was thinking here (guess I need the HIS POV story!).

Kuon 3

Hayden makes a comment that Kuon is mean to the girls he likes, and I guess that’s what this is. Lucky for Kuon, MC is interested in him from the beginning, so she keeps interacting with him. He’s a jackass to her, but then hides at her place when he needs to run away. I guess this shows that he DOES actually like her, or at least trust her, since he relies on her here.

Around episode 5, they start to bond. Kuon opens up and becomes much kinder after this. You learn about what happened to his parents, and why he doesn’t want to be king. Part of me feels bad for him, but part of me thinks he needs to put his big boy pants on and do his job. I realize there are downsides to being royalty, but there are also good things – such as being able to help a lot of people. Ultimately, this is what Kuon wants, so he accepts the situation, his past, and his feelings, and does the right thing.

Kuon 4

One of the best things about this story was MC being very feisty! The game even gave me an option to bite Kuon’s hand when he tried to shush her up! HAH! I knew it was going to piss him off, but I had to do it. MC called him a freeloader when he tried to do whatever he wanted at her place; she even yelled at King Glenn!

I also just have to mention that Kent is ADORABLE with his sweets. I wish there was a side route with just him. I’d feed him sweets all day. Too cute!

Kuon 5

Overall: I know I’m sounding very harsh on Kuon, but in the end, I enjoyed him and his story. MC and him are very cute together, and it’s quite sad in a part of the story where they have to leave each other. I’ll be playing his sequels. I want to see what he does now that he accepts his role.