Shall We Date: Demon’s Bond – Chitose


Intro: I just finished Chitose’s route for Shall We Date: Demon’s Bond. This is a prequel of sorts to Hakuoki, since it is set in the same world, but takes place many years before. This time around it focuses more on the demon side of things though. I’m going to discuss this game and the app, then move on to Chitose.


My Thoughts: I’m going to start off with saying that this game is not as good as Hakuoki. I don’t think the story is quite as good…but other then that, I can’t say exactly why. Overall I think it is a good game, but not as great as Hakuoki. If you go in with high expectations, you’ll be disappointed.

Let’s start with the good things. First off, this game is BEAUTIFUL. Hakuoki had great art, but Demon’s Bond is a newer game, so I feel the overall character art, backgrounds, etc. is even better. I was Googling art for the game and I kept saving image after image, because they were so pretty! Also, the characters are good (and gosh are these boys hot). I’m not quite as attached to them as the Hakuoki guys, but I’ve only played one route. They do have a bit of a head start in my liking them though, simply because of the families they come from. Chitose is from the Kazama clan, and I love Kazama from Hakuoki, so I already had a soft spot for him! I think it’s interesting how they tie in all the families and show more of their culture that we didn’t see in the original game. I also really like the music. Every time the battle music came on, it pumped me up and I kind of danced around a little on my sofa LOL!

Most of the things I dislike have to do with the platform/app. I’ve never played a Shall We Date Game before, so I didn’t know what to expect. I REALLY wish I had this game on anything that would give me a bigger screen, because the art was so pretty. I was squinting to see the CGs. And there doesn’t seem to be a way to save a better version of the CG in your phone other then taking a screenshot. What a let down! Other then that it was just minor things I didn’t like, such as the skip feature not being fast enough, or trouble with the bookmarks…anyways, on to Chitose!


And O.M.G…what a cutie he is. But, other then their beautiful crimson eyes and their last name, Chitose has nothing in common with Kazama! LOL! I feel like Kazama would be very exasperated with his ancestor heh. While Kazama is very calm, cool, and composed…Chitose is pretty hot-headed. He’s quick to jump to conclusions, but seems to be a much kinder, friendlier person then Kazama. Overall I really liked him, and think he makes a good match for the stiff, straight-laced heroine Yukina. Speaking of Yukina…I liked her, but sometimes she got on my nerves. I liked that she was a fighter, although she didn’t seem to do much in this route. But she’s still in training, and female demons are weaker then males. I liked that she could go into battle and do SOMETHING, versus Chizuru who couldn’t fight. And Yukina was quite badass and useful right at the end at least.


I also liked that she wasn’t a super girly girl, but it was annoying when she kept saying “I’m a chieftain and the Princess’ protector before I’m a woman!” Or something like that. Thank goodness Toyohisa made her realize you can be ALL THOSE THINGS at the same time. I also was annoyed when she kept hesitating to take out the demons that were trying to attack them. Maybe I’m cold hearted, but they are trying to kill you woman! They are obviously evil. You gotta take them out!


I teared up a few times (mostly with Toyohisa, the grandpas, and the endings), so this game definitely has the feels like Hakuoki does. It’s not quite so heart rending, because not as many people die I think…at least in this route. I only played the Sweet Ending and the Flashback Ending, because I couldn’t find a walk through for the sad ending. I’m gonna try to get it on my own, but the Flashback Ending was sad enough…so I may not want MORE sadness. Here is the page with the good walkthroughs I used:

As for the other guys, I’m going to play Kazuya next, since I’m interested in what Chizuru’s ancestor was like. Shin I had an immediate dislike of (although I’ve heard he has the best route), and Kazutake! Oh come to me now! He is sexy and I can’t wait to get to him! Senkimaru definitely seems like he has a lot of secrets…so he will be last.


Overall: This game is good, but not amazing. The art and characters make it good enough for me to keep playing though. If you are a Hakuoki fan, I think you will like it. It’s heavy on the historical fantasy and drama, not so much on the romance though. I already wish we could get the fan disc for this game! Shall We Date seems to have brought over the fan disc for their Hiiro no Kakera game, so hopefully they will do the same here. I think the fan disc for Hakuoki was the best part! 😀


6 thoughts on “Shall We Date: Demon’s Bond – Chitose

  1. I’ve been meaning to pick this up, but I really wish it wasn’t just on mobile. I wish this game was on PSN so I could play it on PSP or Vita. It just feels more natural. I’ll pick it up eventually since I love Hakuoki.

    • If you liked Hakuoki, I think you’ll like this. I don’t know why all these games are coming over on a mobile platform, but maybe in English it sells more games that way? Most girls will have a phone, but not a PS3/PSP/Vita, I guess.

      • Yeah, I’m sure it’s cheaper and has more potential exposure. Still, I just don’t like gaming without physical buttons to press.

  2. I just saw this on google play the other day and was like “WHAT?!?!?!? Toki no Kizuna?!!?” and pretty much flipped my sh%#. I was like kind of super happy it was translated, but it was also a slap in the face since it was on mobile. and… reformatted for mobile… why take a legit game and turn it into… THAT. and I heard it doesn’t have the voices? but the music is good still?

    I dunno….

    but I skimmed the review (to avoid spoilers) and maybe I’ll give it a chance. Still I feel odd like I’m supporting taking real games and turning them into mobile monstrosities. I feel odd enough when I bought Heart no Kuni no Alice (terrible translation but I adore the voice cast. In fact I found out it existed because I was looking up Hirakawa Daisuke ❤ And the voice audio makes the bad translation easier to understand.)

    Still if you enjoyed playing Demon's Bond… and it seems the art will look nice on my tablet… plus I wanted it since it was sort of Hakuouki related kind of and had Yone-sensei's art. Tho I did hear the story wasn't as good but not bad. Hmm…

    OK I'M IN.
    …as soon as I get paid. x'D

    • Hahaha I feel your pain! There are pros and cons. I’d like a different platform, but I’m just glad to have the game at all! And while the art and music is good, I did really miss the voices. 😦 I would have paid more for a voiced version, easy.

      • Well, downloading the prologue now. XD augh haven’t actually started playing and I can say the damn art is effing beautiful. I think you said you played it on your phone? Verizon conned me into a buying a tablet so it looks really nice on that. My phone can’t play any games at all since that model was dropped from getting Android updates, so I guess the dang tablet finally comes in handy.

        Thanks for listening to my moans and empathizing. I feel better lol. Yeah the game is a bit outdated since the PSP was killed off so it is definitely good that the game even left Japan at all. The game really was on my wishlist, considering I have a few posters literally next to the computer monitor… eheh ^^;; Maybe I can do something crazy like play the PSP game along side the mobile game just to get text from one and voice from the other XDDD.

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