Amnesia: Memories – Shin

Intro: So, everything in my life has been on hold since this game came out!!! Ahhh! I’ve been so excited, patiently waiting for months for this game to come out! And finally here it is!! 😀

I watched the Amnesia anime when it came out in 2013. At the time, I had a vague idea that it was based on a game, and what the game involved…but I didn’t quite understand what an otome game was lol. I remember liking the characters, and thought the show was very pretty…but the jumping around between different parallel worlds confused me, and I wasn’t a fan of the ending. So I am VERY happy this game was translated so I can experience these characters and the story the way it was meant to be experienced.
I don’t have a PS Vita yet, so I ended up getting the game on Steam. I also got the special edition set. It’s very beautiful and quite a nice set…but to be honest, I don’t have much use for the items. I’m afraid to use the coasters because I think they will get ruined, and I don’t think my husband will like it if I use the pillow case with all the pretty boys on it lol. I will probably listen to the soundtrack some, but really I bought this because I wanted the art book. The sketches and info on the characters are nice, but I wish it would have included just more images of the art work.

Speaking of the art work, this game is BEAUTIFUL! I’m glad I’m playing this on my laptop screen and not a tiny Vita screen. The backgrounds are kind of strange, but the characters are so colorful, they really stand out that way. And I apologize for the terrible quality of pictures I took in this game! Since it’s on my laptop, I just snapped a picture with my cell phone since that was the easiest/quickest way for me to get the image at the time. In hindsight, that wasn’t the best way, but ah well. Now…on to Shin!
My Thoughts: Shin was my favorite guy from the anime, and I think he’s the most attractive, so I knew I would play him first. In reality, I think I wouldn’t get along with a guy like him…but this is otome!

You can tell right from the beginning that Shin is very perceptive and in tune to Heroine. They are obviously childhood friends that have become closer over time. By the third day I was already feeling bad for him. He was obviously very close with Heroine before, but now that she has amnesia, he’s trying to help her out and be respectful of her boundaries. But you can tell he really misses her. 😦

007As the story goes on, Shin shows he is a very impressive guy. I like how hard he tries, and how much he studies to try to turn his life around. Due to a bad accident with his dad, his family is judged very harshly and they have a difficult time. Besides Heroine and Toma, Shin has built a wall around himself to protect himself from others, but he is still working hard to become a better person. Even though Shin is younger then Heroine, he acts so mature! I guess that is due to his hard life. He probably needed to be there for his mom.

Look at that adorable face!!

Look at that adorable face!!

Shin’s happy end was soooo happy! I almost cried. They are really cute together. When Orion is gone, Heroine starts talking more, and you can see that she is really a good match for Shin. While she has a sweet disposition that lets most of his harshness roll off her, she has a bit of a backbone to fight back and give him a hard time. The five minutes with her having a personality was really great! I love Orion, and I realize she has amnesia so she will be a bit of a blank slate…but I wish we had more of the talkative Heroine! The bad ends were obviously…bad. The normal end was still cute, and you get to keep Orion longer.

Overall: I love Shin! I love that he and Heroine understand each other so well. His toughness on her pushes her to improve, and she is able to goad him into being sweet and kind as well. I really hope we get a fan disc, and that Heroine keeps her personality for it. I used this walkthrough here:
It was immensely helpful. Very well done. In the end, I’m really glad I watched the Amnesia anime before playing this game. It gave me kind of an idea of what the overall story is, and what the guy’s routes are about…even if I don’t remember specifics. I don’t remember everything that happened, so it feels familiar and new all at once. Mostly, I am wary of Ikki’s crazy fan girls and Toma, and feel bad for poor Ukyo lol.
I really like that there is a Good, Normal, and Bad Ends for this game. For my first run through, I like to get the Good Ending, because I want happiness after all that time and effort! I play the Bad Ends after, and it’s always sad to leave the guy on a Bad Ending. So! For this game I have done the Normal Endings after the Bad ones, so I can leave the guy in a sort of happy, hopeful way. I really like Shin’s Normal Ending…they technically aren’t a couple at the moment, but they know they feel something for each other, and Heroine tells Shin to “Come and get me.” Love it!
Well, Ikki will be next. Toma and Ukyo are crazies, but I think Ikki was my least favorite guy…Hard to judge from just the anime though. We’ll see how it goes!