Favorite OPs of 2015


I’m alive!! The past few months have been crazy with lots of traveling, family visiting, and the holidays, so I haven’t been able to update much. I haven’t felt like blogging…so I didn’t. I promised myself this blog would never feel like work, and if I didn’t feel like blogging, I wouldn’t force myself to do it. Plus, I haven’t played much otome. I finished Ikki and Kent’s routes on Amnesia, and I played a few small Voltage stories, but that’s it. I finally got a PS Vita, so I can eventually get Code:Realize and Norn9, but I haven’t bought the games yet. I go through spurts, when for a few months I’ll play a lot of otome, then I’ll read a lot of books, then for a few months I’ll watch a lot of anime…but I’m starting to want to play otome again. However, 2015 is over….so, Happy New Year!! I’m going to do something a little different this blog and do a sort of re-cap of 2015, by going over my favorite anime openings.

I am a big fan of openings and endings for shows, and I’ve wanted to do a post like this for a long time. I rarely skip OPs and EDs unless I am pressed for time. OPs especially get me really excited for the show I’m about to watch. So here is my list of top 10 OPs from 2015. I judged these on visuals, music, how everything works together, and basically just how much I liked it. Sometimes a certain piece of the OP will just grab me, and it really sticks with me. I also only judged from shows that I watched, so I didn’t evaluate every 2015 OP. Here we go!

10. Kamisama Kiss season 2


Why I love it: The chibi characters are cute, and the boys dancing. Plus, I really like this song. It’s catchy but relaxing. In reality, there may have been other OPs that were better, but I personally just really like this one.

9. Aldnoah.Zero season 2


Why I love it: The first half of this OP kills me. Poor Inaho and Slaine. You can feel how much they both love and miss Asseylum. Any images with them and her is just beautiful. Plus the song is pretty. It’s by composer Hiroyuki Sawano, who I love…a lot of his stuff will be on these lists.

8. Aoharu x Machinegun


Why I love it: The OP is sung by the three leads, which is pretty cool. I really like all the images of them together; they are such a cute group. But I’ll be honest, I really just like looking at Matsuoka and Yuki.

7. Ranpo Kitan


This is a terrible video, but I couldn’t find anything better. šŸ˜¦

Why I love it: The visuals! I love the different characters in their masks, and the image of Akechi facing off against Twenty Faces, surrounded by blue fragments, is amazing. I also love Kobayashi in the empty room with desks, then with the masked people, and finally with Hashiba as the desks become organized. It’s just really cool, and so is the song. It’s different from what you’d normally hear, so it goes along well with the weird images for this strange show.

6. Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works season 2


Why I love it: This is a really beautifully animated show, and so the OP is beautiful also. The fights between the Servants are epic, and this is a great song by Aimer. I love her vocals.

5. Arlsan Senki season 1


Why I love it: The song. TheĀ visualsĀ are good, and the fight scenes are pretty bad ass, but I just love this song. UVERworld is one of my favorite bands, and I could listen to this on repeat.

4. Noragami Aragoto


Why I love it: This is just a great OP. The color scheme and concept are very similar to the first season’s OP, which ties both together. I’ve never seen a show do that before…so that was pretty cool. I liked season one’sĀ song better, but thisĀ one really grew on me. And I just really love that image of Kazuma and Bishamon.



Why I love it: Again, the song! Stereo Dive Foundation is another favorite band, and I DO listen to this song on repeat. So catchy. Plus, the visuals are different and interesting. I could watch Nico run around with his sword all day.

2. Charlotte


Why I love it: It was hard to choose between this and Gangsta for what would be #2 and 3…but in the end, this was higher because it’s so beautiful! The song is amazing, and makes me feel all kinds of emotions. And that scene of Yuu and Nao reaching for each other as they fall through the sky gets me every time. Definitely one of my all time favorite OPs.

1. Seraph of the End season 1


Why I love it: There was no question in my mind this would be number one. This OP is pretty much perfection. The song combined with the visuals is so well put together. I was hooked after the first time I saw it. Another Hiroyuki Sawano song, this has become one of my favorites. I have listened to it A LOT ever since I heard it. Definitely the best OP of 2015.

And that is all for now! Agree or disagree with me? Please feel free to let me know! I’ll be back in the future with Ikki and Kent’s reviews, and probably whatever else I feel like writing about. ^.^