Favorite OPs of 2015


I’m alive!! The past few months have been crazy with lots of traveling, family visiting, and the holidays, so I haven’t been able to update much. I haven’t felt like blogging…so I didn’t. I promised myself this blog would never feel like work, and if I didn’t feel like blogging, I wouldn’t force myself to do it. Plus, I haven’t played much otome. I finished Ikki and Kent’s routes on Amnesia, and I played a few small Voltage stories, but that’s it. I finally got a PS Vita, so I can eventually get Code:Realize and Norn9, but I haven’t bought the games yet. I go through spurts, when for a few months I’ll play a lot of otome, then I’ll read a lot of books, then for a few months I’ll watch a lot of anime…but I’m starting to want to play otome again. However, 2015 is over….so, Happy New Year!! I’m going to do something a little different this blog and do a sort of re-cap of 2015, by going over my favorite anime openings.

I am a big fan of openings and endings for shows, and I’ve wanted to do a post like this for a long time. I rarely skip OPs and EDs unless I am pressed for time. OPs especially get me really excited for the show I’m about to watch. So here is my list of top 10 OPs from 2015. I judged these on visuals, music, how everything works together, and basically just how much I liked it. Sometimes a certain piece of the OP will just grab me, and it really sticks with me. I also only judged from shows that I watched, so I didn’t evaluate every 2015 OP. Here we go!

10. Kamisama Kiss season 2


Why I love it: The chibi characters are cute, and the boys dancing. Plus, I really like this song. It’s catchy but relaxing. In reality, there may have been other OPs that were better, but I personally just really like this one.

9. Aldnoah.Zero season 2


Why I love it: The first half of this OP kills me. Poor Inaho and Slaine. You can feel how much they both love and miss Asseylum. Any images with them and her is just beautiful. Plus the song is pretty. It’s by composer Hiroyuki Sawano, who I love…a lot of his stuff will be on these lists.

8. Aoharu x Machinegun


Why I love it: The OP is sung by the three leads, which is pretty cool. I really like all the images of them together; they are such a cute group. But I’ll be honest, I really just like looking at Matsuoka and Yuki.

7. Ranpo Kitan


This is a terrible video, but I couldn’t find anything better. 😦

Why I love it: The visuals! I love the different characters in their masks, and the image of Akechi facing off against Twenty Faces, surrounded by blue fragments, is amazing. I also love Kobayashi in the empty room with desks, then with the masked people, and finally with Hashiba as the desks become organized. It’s just really cool, and so is the song. It’s different from what you’d normally hear, so it goes along well with the weird images for this strange show.

6. Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works season 2


Why I love it: This is a really beautifully animated show, and so the OP is beautiful also. The fights between the Servants are epic, and this is a great song by Aimer. I love her vocals.

5. Arlsan Senki season 1


Why I love it: The song. The visuals are good, and the fight scenes are pretty bad ass, but I just love this song. UVERworld is one of my favorite bands, and I could listen to this on repeat.

4. Noragami Aragoto


Why I love it: This is just a great OP. The color scheme and concept are very similar to the first season’s OP, which ties both together. I’ve never seen a show do that before…so that was pretty cool. I liked season one’s song better, but this one really grew on me. And I just really love that image of Kazuma and Bishamon.



Why I love it: Again, the song! Stereo Dive Foundation is another favorite band, and I DO listen to this song on repeat. So catchy. Plus, the visuals are different and interesting. I could watch Nico run around with his sword all day.

2. Charlotte


Why I love it: It was hard to choose between this and Gangsta for what would be #2 and 3…but in the end, this was higher because it’s so beautiful! The song is amazing, and makes me feel all kinds of emotions. And that scene of Yuu and Nao reaching for each other as they fall through the sky gets me every time. Definitely one of my all time favorite OPs.

1. Seraph of the End season 1


Why I love it: There was no question in my mind this would be number one. This OP is pretty much perfection. The song combined with the visuals is so well put together. I was hooked after the first time I saw it. Another Hiroyuki Sawano song, this has become one of my favorites. I have listened to it A LOT ever since I heard it. Definitely the best OP of 2015.

And that is all for now! Agree or disagree with me? Please feel free to let me know! I’ll be back in the future with Ikki and Kent’s reviews, and probably whatever else I feel like writing about. ^.^


Summer Anime Season 2015

I’ve been on a long vacation, so this post is a little late, but I’ve been able to watch 2 episodes of the new shows instead of one, so that helps me get a better idea of what they are about.

I wasn’t excited about last season, but it ended up having quite a few good shows! Seraph of the End definitely ended up being my favorite, and I’m going to start reading the manga. Yu started off as a typical, arrogant, shounen hero, but I feel he got a lot better towards the end. He learned to work as a team member, and not always charge blindly into situations. And the reunion with Mika! Oh good heavens, that was intense. Considering this is a shounen show, I’m surprised at how “coupley” Mika and Yu seem. And Shinoa was amazing! I’d watch the show for her alone. I can’t remember a girl character like her in quite some time. Her amazingness deserves it’s own blog post. I can’t wait for fall for more of this show!


While Seraph ended up being my personal favorite show, I can’t say it was the best show. That I believe would be Blood Blockade Battlefront (and it seems most people agree with me). BUT! The last episode has been delayed!! So I’m reserving final judgment until I see the ending. I also really loved Food Wars, and will probably get the manga. The foodgasms in the beginning I thought were weird, and they still are…but this show about cooking is somehow awesome. I really love Soma. He’s a great character, and I like in the final episode he was able to learn something and finally realized that being at this school will turn him into a better chef. I also love Megumi and Isshiki. I’m so glad this is getting a second season.

Now onto the new shows! Sadly, this is another season where I was excited for very few shows. I was really only looking forward to Aoharu x Machinegun and Snow White with the Red Hair.

Shows I’ll Be Watching:
Rokka – Braves of the Six Flowers-
Aoharu x Machinegun
Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace
Snow White with the Red Hair

I may watch Overlord, Chaos Dragon, and Castle Town Dandelion…I haven’t decided yet.

Shows I’m continuing from last season include:
The Heroic Legend of Arslan
Food Wars
My Love Story
World Trigger
Sailormoon Crystal

I ended up dropping Rin-ne, Mikagura School Suite, Plastic Memories, and Gunslinger Stratos, although I may watch the last two at some point.

Of the new shows, Rokka really surprised me. It was the first new show I watched and really started the season off with a bang! The first 5 minutes had amazing animation, I think the best I’ve seen in awhile. Adlet ended up being a really cool character, and I can’t wait to be introduced to the other Braves. The overall story is really interesting and I can’t wait to see where this goes.

Charlotte was not what I was expecting. It was incredibly beautiful to look at, but the first episode had me cracking up due to main character Yuu’s split personality. I don’t know if his deviousness was meant to be so funny, but I thought it was. I’m hoping the other characters whip him into shape and turn him into a less selfish person. While the first episode was funny, the second took a sad, serious turn. Knowing who the creator of this is, and the studio behind it, I’m expecting more of that…

And, I loved Aoharu x Machinegun! This is another one that I wouldn’t say is the best show, but it caught me. It reminded me a little of Ouran High School Host Club with a more grown up, violent feel. A show revolving around survival games seems incredibly random to me, but it will certainly be different. Plus, hot guys!! And I love all three main characters. I love girls that can kick ass. Can’t wait to see where this goes!


The biggest surprise so far for me has been my crush for this season…more then Prince Zen from Snow White or Masamune from Aoharu, I can’t help but be drawn to Nicolas from Gangsta! I don’t know if it’s the tribal tattoos, the dog tags, or what…but he’s just so badass swinging around his samurai sword in his suit. And the fact that he’s deaf puts a really interesting spin on the character. I really want to know more about him! I really love the opening for this show too…Stereo Dive Foundation is one of my favorites.

This season has surprised me so far, so hopefully these shows continue to be good!

Spring Anime Season 2015

I wanted to start blogging about some other things besides otome, so I thought I’d talk about the new Spring anime season that started a couple weeks ago. To be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to many new shows this season…that hasn’t happened in awhile. Somehow, I’m still watching a lot of them, but I’m sure I’ll drop a few along the way. As of now, I’m watching:

Seraph of the End
The Heroic Legend of Arslan
Show by Rock!!
Blood Blockade Battlefront
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?
Food War!
Plastic Memories
Mikagura School Suite
Gunslinger Stratos
My Love Story!!

From last season I’m continuing:

Fate/Stay Night
Kuroko’s Basketball
World Trigger
Sailormoon Crystal

Other then the shows I’m continuing, I wasn’t very excited for anything but Seraph of the End. Of the new stuff, it’s definitely my favorite. I love the characters, the weapons; I think the battles are cool and the setting is interesting. I can’t wait for a confrontation between Yu and Mika. I also think the opening is great. I love everything by this composer lately.

I’m also enjoying Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (aka DanMachi). I think the title is very misleading. I guess it’s classified as a harem show, which I’m not a big fan of normally, but it doesn’t feel that way. The series is mainly focused on Bell growing as an adventurer, and his relationship with his goddess Hestia. These two are so cute together!  Hopefully the show stays on the good track its on.


I didn’t think I’d like My Love Story or Show By Rock, but both surprised me. My Love Story because it was just really good, and Show By Rock somehow drew me in with it’s cuteness. How long that lasts, I don’t know. Otherwise I think the best new shows are Arslan and Blood Blockade Battlefront. I’m not too excited for any shows coming over the summer either, so I guess this means more time for otome! What do you guys think of the new shows?

FYI, this is a good website to check all the upcoming shows: http://anichart.net/spring

Summer Anime Season 2014

Hello everyone!

I recently played Voltage’s new game Enchanted in the Moonlight (which I HIGHLY recommend), but other then that I haven’t been playing any new games. Why? I’ve been too distracted with all the new anime coming out for the Summer Season! There are a lot of really great shows, and I have a pretty long list.

Here’s what I’ll be watching as of now:
The Irregular at Magic High School (continuing from Spring)
Sailor Moon Crystal (ah, the nostalgia)
Free! Eternal Summer
Aldnoah Zero
Sword Art Online II (yay more Kirito!!)
Akame ga Kill!
DRAMAtical Murder
Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-kun
Blue Spring Ride
Tokyo Ghoul
Terror in Resonance

Woo that’s quite a list. I’m still hoping someone picks up Love Stage!! and Tokyo ESP, so I might be adding more. Crunchyroll still has some shows to announce, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

The shows that impressed me most so far were Tokyo Ghoul, Aldnoah Zero, and Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-kun. Tokyo Ghoul was bloody and scary, but really interesting. The main character’s change from a normal human to a ghoul, and realizing what was happening to him…it was so well done. Very impressive first episode. I’m not totally sure what’s happening with Aldnoah Zero, but somehow the first episode really left me wanting more. The director and creator are the same as Fate/Zero, which I really loved, so I’m expecting awesomeness. And Nozaki-kun was just adorable and funny. I really like the two main characters. I’ll have to read the manga now.

Okay so, I promise to have a review of Enchanted in the Moonlight for you soon! But if you don’t want to wait, just play the game! You won’t regret it. 😉