Summer Anime Season 2015

I’ve been on a long vacation, so this post is a little late, but I’ve been able to watch 2 episodes of the new shows instead of one, so that helps me get a better idea of what they are about.

I wasn’t excited about last season, but it ended up having quite a few good shows! Seraph of the End definitely ended up being my favorite, and I’m going to start reading the manga. Yu started off as a typical, arrogant, shounen hero, but I feel he got a lot better towards the end. He learned to work as a team member, and not always charge blindly into situations. And the reunion with Mika! Oh good heavens, that was intense. Considering this is a shounen show, I’m surprised at how “coupley” Mika and Yu seem. And Shinoa was amazing! I’d watch the show for her alone. I can’t remember a girl character like her in quite some time. Her amazingness deserves it’s own blog post. I can’t wait for fall for more of this show!


While Seraph ended up being my personal favorite show, I can’t say it was the best show. That I believe would be Blood Blockade Battlefront (and it seems most people agree with me). BUT! The last episode has been delayed!! So I’m reserving final judgment until I see the ending. I also really loved Food Wars, and will probably get the manga. The foodgasms in the beginning I thought were weird, and they still are…but this show about cooking is somehow awesome. I really love Soma. He’s a great character, and I like in the final episode he was able to learn something and finally realized that being at this school will turn him into a better chef. I also love Megumi and Isshiki. I’m so glad this is getting a second season.

Now onto the new shows! Sadly, this is another season where I was excited for very few shows. I was really only looking forward to Aoharu x Machinegun and Snow White with the Red Hair.

Shows I’ll Be Watching:
Rokka – Braves of the Six Flowers-
Aoharu x Machinegun
Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace
Snow White with the Red Hair

I may watch Overlord, Chaos Dragon, and Castle Town Dandelion…I haven’t decided yet.

Shows I’m continuing from last season include:
The Heroic Legend of Arslan
Food Wars
My Love Story
World Trigger
Sailormoon Crystal

I ended up dropping Rin-ne, Mikagura School Suite, Plastic Memories, and Gunslinger Stratos, although I may watch the last two at some point.

Of the new shows, Rokka really surprised me. It was the first new show I watched and really started the season off with a bang! The first 5 minutes had amazing animation, I think the best I’ve seen in awhile. Adlet ended up being a really cool character, and I can’t wait to be introduced to the other Braves. The overall story is really interesting and I can’t wait to see where this goes.

Charlotte was not what I was expecting. It was incredibly beautiful to look at, but the first episode had me cracking up due to main character Yuu’s split personality. I don’t know if his deviousness was meant to be so funny, but I thought it was. I’m hoping the other characters whip him into shape and turn him into a less selfish person. While the first episode was funny, the second took a sad, serious turn. Knowing who the creator of this is, and the studio behind it, I’m expecting more of that…

And, I loved Aoharu x Machinegun! This is another one that I wouldn’t say is the best show, but it caught me. It reminded me a little of Ouran High School Host Club with a more grown up, violent feel. A show revolving around survival games seems incredibly random to me, but it will certainly be different. Plus, hot guys!! And I love all three main characters. I love girls that can kick ass. Can’t wait to see where this goes!


The biggest surprise so far for me has been my crush for this season…more then Prince Zen from Snow White or Masamune from Aoharu, I can’t help but be drawn to Nicolas from Gangsta! I don’t know if it’s the tribal tattoos, the dog tags, or what…but he’s just so badass swinging around his samurai sword in his suit. And the fact that he’s deaf puts a really interesting spin on the character. I really want to know more about him! I really love the opening for this show too…Stereo Dive Foundation is one of my favorites.

This season has surprised me so far, so hopefully these shows continue to be good!

Scandal in the Spotlight – Takashi Ninagawa (Main, Epilogue, Sequel, Sequel Epilogue)

Intro: I’m not really into quiet guys (Nagito and Kyohei have been my favorites so far), but I was interested in Takashi from the beginning. I AM really into guys that are creative, especially musically. If they can play a musical instrument, I am all over that. I know all the Revance guys are musically talented – they can sing, and have helped MC with the lyrics in their stories. But Takashi is different. He writes all their music and plays the piano (I assume other instruments as well). Plus, he was just so stoic, it was hard to imagine him being interested in anyone romantically.

Takashi 1
My Thoughts: MC is impressed with Takashi right from the start. Like me, she is intrigued by his musical genius. Not only does he write music for Revance, but many other artists also that request him. He is REALLY busy. Taka pretty much ignores MC in the beginning. He doesn’t do it on purpose, but he is so caught up in his own little music world, and he doesn’t acknowledge her talent yet, so she’s pretty much invisible to him. When he does notice her existence, it’s pretty much to say that she is not like Ryo.
Takashi 3
I never thought about it before, but since Ryo wrote Revance’s lyrics, and Taka wrote the music, they must have worked together a lot, and been very close. PLUS they were childhood friends. So they really understood each other and worked well together. So it is hard for Takashi when Ryo leaves and this new girl is dumped on him. MC really had to prove herself to him, especially since Takashi is such a scary perfectionist.
Takashi 2
But she recognizes his talent and always takes his criticism well. As they work together, they grow closer, especially when he learns she can play the piano a little. It’s a very cute scene where he teaches her more and they play together.

The first 2/3 of the story aren’t super romantic. It’s easy to see MC admires and adores Takashi from the beginning, but Taka takes some time to fall for her since he is so absorbed in making music. But they steadily grow closer, so it feels real when they do fall in love. But!! They finally admit their feelings, but Taka says they can’t be together because he is too distracted! His head is full of her instead of music, and he is in a terrible slump.
Takashi 9
This was a really hard scene to watch. I almost cried. I was so happy for them!!! And then it went downhill…MC was really strong here though, and had a great line.
Takashi 10
I really loved that…All difficult things, even break-ups, help shape you into the person you are. Everything has a purpose. Possibly my favorite Voltage line ever.

Eventually Taka realizes instead of shutting MC out, he should use her as his muse, and when he accepts MC and all his feelings, he gets over his slump. And starts to write a lot of love songs LOL!

Overall: I ended up really loving Taka. Once he opened up to MC and started talking more, I thought he was really interesting and could be very sweet. I think I’m really going to like future stories when they are a couple, because the end of his story and the epilogue were my favorite parts, because they were very romantic, and Taka is adorable when he is jealous! The main story was very good though; I almost cried a few times.
Takashi 6
Can’t wait for Ryo! I’m really curious how his story will go.

Scandal in the Spotlight – Nagito Aoshima (Main, Epilogue, Sequel, Sequel Epilogue)

Intro: Finally!! Nagito!!! The past few Voltage guys I’ve played have been…difficult, to say the least. I was so looking forward to sweet, easy-going Nagito! And he did not disappoint. His story took a turn that I was not expecting, but I loved spending time with him. Spoilers ahead for Nagito’s route.

Nagito 1

My Thoughts: Normally I jot down some notes while I’m playing, so I can write a blog later, but I didn’t take that many with Nagito! I was too busy relaxing and enjoying the story, instead of scribbling notes about how the guy was pissing me off or doing rude things lol.

Nagi won me over immediately when he covers for MC when she messes up on her first day as assistant manager. He didn’t have to, but he’s such a sweetheart to help out.
Nagito 2
He already thinks himself inferior to the other guys in Revance, so he figures he can take the blame for one more screw-up. After Kyo and Taka reject MC’s lyrics, she gets pretty depressed about living up to the great lyricist Ryo. Nagi really saves her though. He cheers her up, and makes her realize that she needs to be herself; that’s why they chose her anyways – not to be a clone of Ryo.
Nagito 3
The story took a surprising turn in the middle, when MC (accidentally) announces to Nagi and everyone else that she loves him! It was great that they could be a couple in the middle of the story, and not at the end! Nagito seems to have feelings for MC too, and they go on a trial date to see how they feel.
Nagito 7
But of course, it can’t be that easy. Nagi seems to have trouble getting over his first love, whom he could never confess to. Sadly, after MC realizes who it is, she spends a good chunk of the story assuming Nagi will always love her, even though it was pretty obvious to me that he had in fact moved on, and loved MC now. I was REALLY happy that there was not more drama with Nagito and his past love. They could have drawn it out more, but they didn’t. It was enough to give drama, without making it super depressing. Maybe some people will think it was resolved too easily, but it was apparent to me that Nagi started falling for MC early on, and that helped him move forward. I really just wanted a light-hearted, happy story, and that’s what I got, so I was grateful.
Nagito 6
Overall: I don’t want to say too much else without giving away all of Nagito’s past. I will say that they always referred to him as the most pervy one in the group…and that was hard to believe! He always seemed like such a nice guy. But! Now I get it lol. He is quite a tease with poor innocent MC, but I liked that about him!
Nagito 8
At the same time, he can be a real gentleman, and treats MC really well. Just like a princess, as he says. I can’t wait for more Nagito!

Nagito 9

Be My Princess 2 – Kuon Casiraghi (Main Story)

Intro: Between Iori, Kota, and now Kuon, I’ve been spending a lot of time with some difficult Voltage men. While they’ve all grown on me, I’m looking forward to playing someone sweet and easy to get to know.

Kuon 1

My Thoughts: To be honest, I was quite angry with Kuon for the first few chapters. I kept laughing at how imperious he was, but he was getting me very riled up with his snooty rudeness. MC actually goes to the marriage interview that Kuon invited her to, and he GETS MAD AT HER FOR SHOWING UP! I couldn’t figure out what he was thinking here (guess I need the HIS POV story!).

Kuon 3

Hayden makes a comment that Kuon is mean to the girls he likes, and I guess that’s what this is. Lucky for Kuon, MC is interested in him from the beginning, so she keeps interacting with him. He’s a jackass to her, but then hides at her place when he needs to run away. I guess this shows that he DOES actually like her, or at least trust her, since he relies on her here.

Around episode 5, they start to bond. Kuon opens up and becomes much kinder after this. You learn about what happened to his parents, and why he doesn’t want to be king. Part of me feels bad for him, but part of me thinks he needs to put his big boy pants on and do his job. I realize there are downsides to being royalty, but there are also good things – such as being able to help a lot of people. Ultimately, this is what Kuon wants, so he accepts the situation, his past, and his feelings, and does the right thing.

Kuon 4

One of the best things about this story was MC being very feisty! The game even gave me an option to bite Kuon’s hand when he tried to shush her up! HAH! I knew it was going to piss him off, but I had to do it. MC called him a freeloader when he tried to do whatever he wanted at her place; she even yelled at King Glenn!

I also just have to mention that Kent is ADORABLE with his sweets. I wish there was a side route with just him. I’d feed him sweets all day. Too cute!

Kuon 5

Overall: I know I’m sounding very harsh on Kuon, but in the end, I enjoyed him and his story. MC and him are very cute together, and it’s quite sad in a part of the story where they have to leave each other. I’ll be playing his sequels. I want to see what he does now that he accepts his role.

Scandal in the Spotlight – Kota Igarashi (Main, Epilogue, Sequel, Sequel Epilogue, His POV)

Kota 2

Intro: Kota started out kind of blah and mean, but somehow I was curious about him. Why does he want to be an actor? Why does he want to be in Revance? Luckily, the story answered all my questions for me!

Kota 11

My Thoughts: Thank you Nagito. This is how Kota is. They often describe him as a cat in the game, and that is quite true. Even when MC and Kota are a couple, he is perfectly fine off doing his own thing when he doesn’t want to be bothered, and he will pull away if you try to push too hard. But when he wants attention, it’s just so adorable and cute!

Kota 10

I ended up really liking Kota. The story does a good job of showing Kota and MC growing close, even with Kota’s weird personality. It’s so cute when they bond over their favorite actor, and you can really see Kota opening up. Kyohei and Iori are kind of larger then life personalities; they can be hard to relate to. But Kota seems much more normal with his comics and video games…he really just likes relaxing in his room.

Kota 4

Kota is 27, but to be honest, I feel he acts like a 17 year old sometimes. It’s just his mannerisms and the things he does…maybe he is emotionally stunted from having no friends as a kid? He doesn’t always seem to know how to handle people and relationships well. But when he is trying to make a connection with MC, it’s so cute.

For the main story, I liked the romantic ending better. You find out why Kota fell for MC and he’s just a blushing, adorable mess. For the sequel, I liked the dramatic ending, because I don’t like when they give in to the evil screenwriter!!! However the romantic ending is soooo cute when he calls her “dear” and acts like they are married.

Kota 17

Overall: It can be hard to get Kota to open up, but he’s such a sweetheart after you put in the work. You can tell he is the type of guy who is very dedicated and loyal once he has someone.

But thank goodness for Nagito in the sequel, who really pushes Kota and MC to be together. He kind of does that in the main story too…I’m not sure they’d be together in the main story without his influence either! Can’t wait for Nagito’s story!

Kota 1

Spring Anime Season 2015

I wanted to start blogging about some other things besides otome, so I thought I’d talk about the new Spring anime season that started a couple weeks ago. To be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to many new shows this season…that hasn’t happened in awhile. Somehow, I’m still watching a lot of them, but I’m sure I’ll drop a few along the way. As of now, I’m watching:

Seraph of the End
The Heroic Legend of Arslan
Show by Rock!!
Blood Blockade Battlefront
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?
Food War!
Plastic Memories
Mikagura School Suite
Gunslinger Stratos
My Love Story!!

From last season I’m continuing:

Fate/Stay Night
Kuroko’s Basketball
World Trigger
Sailormoon Crystal

Other then the shows I’m continuing, I wasn’t very excited for anything but Seraph of the End. Of the new stuff, it’s definitely my favorite. I love the characters, the weapons; I think the battles are cool and the setting is interesting. I can’t wait for a confrontation between Yu and Mika. I also think the opening is great. I love everything by this composer lately.

I’m also enjoying Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (aka DanMachi). I think the title is very misleading. I guess it’s classified as a harem show, which I’m not a big fan of normally, but it doesn’t feel that way. The series is mainly focused on Bell growing as an adventurer, and his relationship with his goddess Hestia. These two are so cute together!  Hopefully the show stays on the good track its on.


I didn’t think I’d like My Love Story or Show By Rock, but both surprised me. My Love Story because it was just really good, and Show By Rock somehow drew me in with it’s cuteness. How long that lasts, I don’t know. Otherwise I think the best new shows are Arslan and Blood Blockade Battlefront. I’m not too excited for any shows coming over the summer either, so I guess this means more time for otome! What do you guys think of the new shows?

FYI, this is a good website to check all the upcoming shows:

Scandal in the Spotlight – Iori Enjo (Main, Epilogue, Sequel, Sequel Epilogue, His POV)

Intro: Oh Iori. I have a real love/hate relationship with him. He can be so incredibly mean and rude, but then end up doing these sweet things that really make me swoon! And he never really says sweet things, it’s all in his actions, which maybe proves how much he loves MC.

Iori 8

My Thoughts: MC calls Iori “evil prince”, and for good reason. He seems like a sweet, polite prince to his fans, but it’s all an act. His personality is totally different.

Iori 1

Thank goodness for Matsunaga who keeps Iori in check at the start of the story, so he’s actually decent to MC and they can start to form a connection. After Iori starts to fall for MC, he doesn’t turn over a new leaf and start treating her nicely. He just goes from being mean and indifferent, to teasing her. He keeps calling her a masochist, and while MC denies it, she must be a little bit to put up with the sadist Iori.

Iori 13

But, I can’t blame her when he turns around and does all these nice things! Iori is very observant. He notices when MC wants to go on a normal date, so he reserves a WHOLE THEME PARK so they can act like a normal couple for awhile (sort of). And he’s very cute when he keeps Nagito from touching her all the time.

Iori 11

The sequels and epilogues were pretty good too. I was worried about his father and first love Shiho for awhile, but they both end up being good characters.

Unlike Kyohei, I actually enjoyed the romantic ending better. I thought it wrapped things up better in both the main story and sequel. And this scene was just SO cute! MC loves oranges, and Iori always teases her for it. I just thought it was funny how he found a way to tease her, while still saving the day.

Iori 14

As a side note, Iori’s crazy fans in this story are awful! I HATE when there are crazy, mean fans. Do these people really exist in real life?? It’s hard to imagine anyone acting that way.

Overall: Iori is like a rollercoaster. One minute I’m swearing at him because DAMN is he being a mean tease, and the next I’m all AWWWW over his sweet gestures, and the way he supports MC. I’m not quite sure what to do with him to be honest lol. Luckily, this MC is pretty tough to put up with Iori. I don’t think everyone will like Iori just because of his weird personality, but he certainly keeps things interesting.

Iori 17