Scandal in the Spotlight – Kyohei Rikudoh (Main, Epilogue, Sequel, Sequel Epilogue, His POV)

photoIntro: MC is an aspiring screenwriter, but she isn’t having much luck. She even loses her notebook with some of her ideas in it, including some lyrics she wrote that she thought would help one of her screenplays. The cute guy who works at the café she frequents gives her some tickets to a Revance concert though, so MC grabs her friend and goes, even though she doesn’t know much about boy bands. While at the concert, one of the songs sounds awfully familiar…it’s her lyrics! The band tracks her down, and it turns out the nice café guy is actually the secret sixth member of Revance, Ryo, their lyricist. He’s disappeared for some reason, but took her notebook with the lyrics (thief!) and told the guys to use her as their ghostwriter. But MC isn’t so sure she’s up for the job…

My Thoughts: I have some issues with this story, but I’ll get to that later. Let’s get to Kyohei. He’s one of the leaders of Revance and their producer. He basically threatens MC into writing a sexy song for their 10th anniversary, or he’ll use his influence in the entertainment world to make sure she never becomes a screenwriter.

Kyohei 2

Not sure what to do, MC agrees to be their ghostwriter, even though she’s only written the one song. She ends up living with the guys, and gets to know them and how their lives work. They are all quite different offstage, especially Iori. Eventually we see Kyohei isn’t such a mean guy, but he puts Revance’s good over everything. His father was a famous performer/producer, but he died saving Kyohei’s live when he was little, so his career got cut short. Kyohei feels it is his duty, in honor of his father, to become extremely successful with Revance.

MC obviously has a hard time writing a sexy song, since she isn’t really a lyricist, but Kyohei basically gives her fantasies by hitting on her and turning her on.

Kyohei 1

It’s very similar to Kaikan Phrase aka Sensual Phrase. Anyone ever read that? The storyline is incredibly similar. I feel one of the Voltage writers must have recently read the manga before coming up with this app. Over time, the two fall in love, just like Sakuya and Aine from Kaikan Phrase.

Anyways, there is some drama from a guy named Shinya, who I still can’t figure out if he is a bad guy or not.
Kyohei 3

In one of the endings he helped them out, so I don’t know. I went back and forth with liking him. But through all this we see Kyohei falling in love and becoming a sweetheart; he even puts her good above Revance’s. That’s when you know he loves her!

Kyohei 4

Between the two endings, I like the Dramatic one the best, even though I think the Romantic one is supposed to be the better one? The Romantic one they end up back at the house where they can be alone, but the Dramatic one was just so…dramatic! LOL! I liked seeing the concert and her being on stage, and Kyohei confessing his love with all the bright lights and madness of the concert scene.

Now my issues…What the heck is so wrong with a ghostwriter?? They act like it’s the end of the world if people find out Revance isn’t writing their own lyrics. But Takashi writes all the music, and Kyohei even writes the lyrics for one of the songs…so it’s not like they don’t do anything musically. I guess here in the US, I assume the majority of pop acts don’t write their own music/lyrics, so it’s accepted. Maybe it’s a big deal in Japan? Also! They INSIST on this girl writing lyrics for them just because she wrote one song they liked. Just because their lyricist Ryo says they should. They have a lot of faith in her from just one song lyric. At least with Kaikan Phrase, Aine wanted to be a lyricist and had written multiple songs.

Also, at the time, I didn’t have time to play through and get both endings. I got the Dramatic one first. So I went ahead and paid for the ending set, because I wanted to see what it did, plus I wanted to see what the ending movie with the vocals was like. Well, I won’t be doing that again! What a waste for $2.99. It’s nice you can get both endings so quickly, but the old Voltage games used to give you both once you completed one route! And while the video is nice, it’s not really animated…just looks like the normal opening videos. And the song is short! It’s not even a full length song. I feel ripped off.

I will say I love the music though! I actually left my phone open to the main screen for awhile to hear the song. I’ve only ever done that with Enchanted in the Moonlight.

Overall: I like Kyohei, and I like the band idea. The story is fun, even if there were some weird plot issues that bugged me. I’ll probably try Iori next, but I’m most interested in Takashi and the mysterious lyricst Ryo. I might get annoyed with not getting both endings easily though…guess I’ve been spoiled.

Kyohei 6

I played all of Kyohei’s available stories, including his POV. I actually liked his POV story, unlike the couple times I tried playing one before. I don’t know if they have just improved those stories, or if I have a better idea of what to expect now. MC tends to be fairly shy and proper, so the stories from a guy’s point of few are fun because they are much more blunt and…not proper lol. Kyohei walks the line with MC between being tough with work, and being sweet as her boyfriend, but I think he pulls it off well. He can be critical of MC’s work, but only because he has been in this business a long time. He knows what he’s doing, and he wants her to do well. Luckily, MC handles criticism like a champ. That’s definitely one of her strong points in this story!

Okay this is getting way too long, but let me say one more thing. While I don’t think it was worth the extra money for the ending set for the main story, I DO think it was worth it for the sequel. You get an extra story about Kyohei going to a magazine photo shoot, and get an extra sexy photo of him as the magazine cover. Definitely worth it!

Be My Princess 2 – Kevin Grant (Main and Sequel)

Ah I’m alive! I’m sorry I haven’t been around. I haven’t been playing much otome…too busy reading books/manga, and watching some shows. I’ve recently become OBSESSED with Kuroko’s Basketball, which is odd since I’m not really into sports or sport shows…but on to Kevin!

Intro: Kevin’s story is totally different from all the other princes, either the original Be My Princess or this new game. And because of that, I thought this story was GREAT! Keith is one of the more popular princes from Be My Princess, and while I like him and think he can be fun to interact with, he was not my favorite. He can be very rude and childish. And while I thought he was incredibly beautiful with his dark hair and striking green eyes, I always wanted to take a pair of scissors to his hair and trim it…his hair was a bit too long for me! But this time around, they decided to take Keith, cut his hair a little, have him act a little more grown up while still retaining his stubborn, cute side…and viola! Kevin! Yay for me!!

My Thoughts: Kevin Grant is a graduate student studying politics in Nobel Michel when MC meets him. Through a few accidental meet-ups (where he thinks she is stalking him), they eventually learn they are living in the same building.

Kevin 3

In the beginning, Kevin is rude and stuck up. He is beautiful, talented, everyone loves him, and he knows it! So no surprise he acts this way. But MC gets to know him over time and they become friends. He even asks her on a date (sort of).

Kevin 6

After a run-in with the mafia, they learn that Kevin is actually the long lost prince Andrew Alford. At three years old, he was swept away in a river when the family was on vacation. However, Kevin is found and adopted by some nice local farmers, and he grows up with no memory of who he is.

And luckily, Kevin is already prince material. Besides being good at everything, he was aiming to be a politician. He really wants to make a difference in his country. Because he was raised as a commoner, Kevin has to go through prince training!

Kevin 7

HAH! This is totally different from the other stories, where all the MCs have to go through princess training. And MC is there for the whole journey. Kevin and her are SO sweet together. You can really tell he comes to rely on her being there. I like that she knows him before the whole prince thing starts. The game shows how they go from strangers, to friends, to lovers really well. It was a great progression.

Kevin 9

This story was really great as well. Kevin is very charismatic, and you can really feel his passion to get rid of the crime syndicates that have started to take over Liberty, and really make the country a better place for the citizens. It’s not just a fluffy royal drama story. There is some real depth and tension to what is happening in this country.

Kevin 11

It’s also just a really exciting story! The mafia is after Kevin, and parts of the story felt like a real action blockbuster, with explosions and car chases!

Kevin 12

Also, the sequel is great. I don’t always feel the sequel is as good as the original story, but this one felt like a real continuation of the main storyline. It dealt with repercussions of a bill Kevin passes, and continued to focus on the mafia and a character that was in the main story, but never explained much…it also references a point in the main story when we learn at what point Kevin fell for MC! I was happy to learn since he wouldn’t answer before. And the proposal was SO SWEET! I almost cried.

Overall: Basically, I think Kevin and his story are awesome. It’s different from the others since he doesn’t start out as a prince. The story tackles some real issues, but it’s not so intense and without cutesy romance that it feels heavy. And a huge bonus is that the sequel is one of the best I have read. If you liked Keith, or want a little different Be My Princess story, I think you’ll like this one.

Kevin 5

Be My Princess 2 – Oliver Button (Main and Sequel)

Intro: Oliver first caught my eye way back in Prince Hayden’s story, when he mentioned he had a harem. I had a bit of a spaz moment, finding this hilarious, but also completely flabbergasted as to why Prince Oliver would A, have a harem, and B, unabashedly talk to this girl about it. Well, Oliver doesn’t care, because it seems pretty well known that he is a playboy, and it’s apparently a tradition for him to have a harem. His grandfather Prince Roberto didn’t have one, but Oliver’s father started it. More on that later though.

Prince Oliver (who I keep wanting to call Roberto…) is a very light-hearted, easy going guy. He isn’t too formal, which makes him the easiest for a commoner like MC to get a long with I think. Just like his grandfather Roberto! He seems to be the social butterfly of the group, getting along well with all the princes, every girl he meets, and pretty much anyone he comes into contact with. So it’s surprising that MC plays so hard to get!

Oliver 3

Major spoilers for Oliver’s harem and overall storyline ahead.

My Thoughts: Unlike the MC from Ivan’s story, who flies off to Sanct Sybil for a marriage interview when she barely knows the guy, this MC won’t even take a stroll down to Nobel Michel castle to meet Oliver! Like the other princes, it’s pretty obvious Oliver likes MC from the beginning, but boy is she hard to get. She declines to meet Oliver because she has to teach a baking class, but surprise! Oliver shows up to the class.

Oliver 1

He obviously wants to spend time with her and get to know her better, but MC is being difficult. Eventually he convinces her to take a leave of absence from work (by supplying an extra pastry chef), and become a baking instructor in Altaria. And who will she be instructing? HIS HAREM! LOL!

Well, Oliver is NOT a playboy, but a sweetie with a heart of gold, and the harem is actually a cover for abused women that need to escape from whatever bad situation they are in, and have no where to go. It’s a secret who these women are and where they are, so whoever from their bad past can’t locate them. Oliver wants MC to teach baking to the women (who range in age from children to elderly ladies), so they have a skill they can use to make it on their own when they eventually leave. AWWWW!!!

But here enters Sayla. She is Oliver’s childhood friend, and a girl escaping her abusive father in the harem. She is also head over heels for Oliver. Her feelings are obvious, and stupid MC immediately backs off from Oliver so Sayla can have him! WTF! MC is soooo annoying here, worrying about Sayla and her feelings. I’m sorry Sayla has had a hard life, but Oliver doesn’t want her, stupid MC. She is so aware of Sayla’s feelings, but completely oblivious to Oliver’s, and refuses to accept her own feelings for him.

Oliver 5

She is not just wishy-washy, but at one point she is down right mean to Oliver to protect herself and her feelings. I really disliked MC the first part of this story. Eventually MC gets a clue, and her and Sayla have a really good talk. I really like Sayla as a character, so I’m glad she bowed out gracefully and they became friends. MC actually influenced Sayla to become a pastry chef, which I thought was really great. And all is happy until…the second part.

There were clues along the way, but eventually it is confirmed for MC that Oliver is dying!! He has a very rare disease that is slowly killing him. There is a surgery in Oriens that could possibly cure him, but it has a very low survival rate. So, Oliver has pretty much accepted his fate and is prepared to die. It makes me sad because he is so upbeat in character, but very pessimistic when it comes to his survival. He’s just given up. So I wonder why he pursued MC when he knew he wasn’t going to live much longer? Anyway, Prince Kuon eventually shows up and informs them that the surgery has been improved, and the survival rate is now a little better, but Oliver already has his mind made up to just let everything go. So of course, it’s up to MC to change his mind. It’s a predictable story, and I wasn’t too worried because OF COURSE he’s going to survive, but it was really great to see Oliver’s character growth before and after the surgery.

Oliver 10

Overall: I like Oliver; it was interesting to see him change over the course of the story and become a stronger person. Plus, he’s just such a sweetheart. I also liked Sayla and her growth to becoming a stronger, better person as well. I did NOT like MC the first half of the story. She was oblivious, stubborn, and in denial. But, she does get better the second half. Thank goodness. I also liked Kuon in this story. I don’t know if he actually liked MC, or was just teasing Oliver to give him more reason to live, but he ended up being very amusing, and now I’m interested in him too.

Oliver 9

However! Next I’m going to play Kevin. He showed up for a bit in the sequel, and I thought he was interesting. Also, he seems to be a hidden/unknown prince, or maybe an illegitimate child descended from Prince Keith. As far as I know, none of the other princes have this kind of storyline, so that’s going to be fun! Wow this is getting long, so I’ll stop rambling and leave you with this beautiful picture of Oliver!

Oliver 7

Be My Princess 2 – Ivan Chernenkov (Main and Sequel)

Intro: So I broke down pretty fast and bought Ivan’s route. Ever since he gave his autograph to those little boys during the prologue, I’ve been really intrigued by him. If you finish the prologue with Ivan, he seems to be very taciturn and rude, but his intention is not to be unpleasant. It’s really just a form of “tough love” to get  MC to dance better (so she’s not made fun of). He’s also only one of two princes out of the eight to not be descended from the original princes from Be My Princess, so we get a new royal family, with a new country. This country has a lot of issues, and it plays a huge role in who Ivan has become, as well as his relationship with MC, but we’ll get to that later. What you have to know is that Ivan is so badass and manly, that he has not one, but TWO PET WOLVES! No regular dogs for this guy. On to the awesomeness that is Ivan.

Ivan 5

My Thoughts: In the beginning, MC is very baffled as to why Ivan likes her and chooses her as a marriage candidate, and understandably so. After a few brief encounters, she is told she is going to Sanct Sybil with other girls to determine the future princess, but….SURPRISE! There are actually no other girls at all! After determining MC doesn’t have a boyfriend, and likes his country okay, Ivan just announces their engagement to everyone! Turns out Ivan doesn’t like all the wussy noble girls and all the problems their families bring with them.

Ivan 1

He wants a strong, hard-working commoner with a great strength of will to have babies with! He thinks this type of girl will be able to survive his country the best, since life is hard in Sanct Sybil, and there is a lot of political unrest and uprisings.

Ivan 10

For various reasons (snow, war), MC ends up hanging around and getting to know Ivan after he announces their engagement, even though she doesn’t really seem to want to follow through with it. But of course it all works out for the best in the end for them.

So, I have a lot of thoughts on Ivan, all mostly good. He’s really interesting and different from the other princes I think. His mom died when he was a baby, and his older sisters were married off to different countries shortly after that, so he grew up alone. Even though his father the king is around, there is so much unrest and problems going on in the country, he is constantly traveling around trying to hold things together, so Ivan really steps in and handles a lot of work. With a lot of the other princes (at least the stories I’ve read), it seems like they are still in training and learning, but with Ivan it feels like he is already running the country. Maybe because of this and the way he grew up, he comes off as very regal, mature, and just very together. I was really impressed with his character. You can tell that he really thinks about all his subjects, from the nobles to the servants. Since he is royalty, he could take it easy and hide in his castle with all the turmoil going on, but he takes on the especially hard and scary tasks BECAUSE he is the prince. With MC, he could look down on her lack of knowledge because she’s a commoner, but he has no problem teaching her.

Ivan 7

I like that about him; Prince Sieg would have made fun of MC heh. Speaking of Sieg, he seems to be the closest prince to Ivan, so he shows up quite a bit in this story. Him and MC become friends, and its nice to see him in this role.

But Ivan isn’t perfect. I was majorly loving Ivan, until I found out that he doesn’t like women to work!! Sanct Sybil is so messed up and old fashioned, women holding jobs is actually looked down on. They are supposed to stay home and have babies. MC, who lives for her job as a pastry chef, had some issues with this, and thankfully stood up for herself. Eventually Ivan apologized and came around, so he redeemed himself. Then I was able to go back to loving Ivan. He’s normally quite somber, but when he is joking and teasing MC, it’s so cute and funny! Oh be still my heart. And in the sequel, Ivan blushes and gets jealous a lot! I LOVE A BLUSHING IVAN!

Ivan 12

Ivan’s original story is pretty intense, with all the happenings in Sanct Sybil. The sequel is a lot calmer, but it’s still a good story. It’s totally different from the other prince’s stories, where they have difficulty being with a commoner, or have resistance from their parents. Ivan pretty much finds a commoner he likes, says “Yep, this one’s good,” and that’s it. The country nor his father ever give him issue. I guess Ivan has such an imposing presence, and handles everything so well, they assume he was making a good decision. Also, I feel this is a romantic story, but romantic in a different way…Ivan and MC come to love each other slowly over time, so they aren’t very touchy-feely with each other. I think they just kiss once at the end and that’s it. Well, for the main story anyways. Lastly, the old-fashioned view of women in his country still kind of bothered me. Ivan was fine with MC working eventually, but it never addressed anybody else in the nation. I guess they have to work on holding the country together first…but I’d love to see a future story where MC champions women’s right to work.

Overall: Ignoring the women’s issues in his country, I really LOVE Ivan. He’s stoic and practical, but not mean. He doesn’t play games or mess around either. When he knows what he wants, he GOES for it. I’m actually having a hard time describing all the things I love about his character. He’s just got so many good qualities. He’s brave, regal, level-headed, fair, wise…all the qualities of a great leader rolled into one sexy, blonde package. Oh man, blondes are not my favorite, but Ivan is sooo sexy. I just want to play with his hair.

Ivan 15

RE: Alistair++ Review


Intro: Ever since Sakevisual announced their new game Backstage Pass, I have been dying to play it! Why? Besides the fact that it looks beautiful and fun, Sakevisual created my very first otome game – RE: Alistair++. For me, this is the game that started it all, the game that got me hooked. I remember after I finished, I thought, “That was FUN!” And it’s all downhill from there. I was thinking about this game a few weeks ago, so I decided to go back and play it.

RE: Alistair++ was the first otome game for many players it seems. It’s free, but has great visuals, characters, and story, even though it’s pretty short. Merui is still one of my favorite protagonists; I just think she’s so hilarious and spunky. Even though I got all three guys and their bonus endings, there are apparently two other routes also. When I first played, I got the really depressing route where you end up with no one, AND you don’t figure out who Alistair is. I didn’t realize that there was one more route, where you end up with no one and guess correctly about Alistair. So this time around, I finally played all routes and was able to unlock the bonus. Woohoo! WARNING! Spoilers after this!


Travis Wright: Travis was the first guy I played, so I decided to make him my first play this time around also. I really like all 3 guys, but if a gun was put to my head, I’d choose Travis as my favorite. He’ll always have a special place as my very first otome guy. He also started my like of megane, as I never cared for guys with glasses before him. Travis is really a rude jackass with an icy exterior in the beginning, but as circumstances throw him and Merui together, he becomes a lot nicer, while still maintaining his cool edge. But when they start dating at the end, he is such a sweetheart, just like a knight or a prince!  When Merui learns about his past, it really brings a new light to his character; he’s so wonderful and responsible about taking care of his family. Merui tends to give mature, sagely advice to help Shiro and Derek get through their problems, but Travis is the one that advises and helps out Merui. He certainly acts like a Guardian, just like his character from Rivenwell Online.


Shiro Takayama: Shiro is sooooo sweet! I just want to take care of him. And according to the bonus at the end of the game, all you guys think so too, as he is the most popular character. He is the shy, smart guy paired with Merui to work on their class project. They end up spending time together to study, and she learns more about his life and family. His parents aren’t around much at all, and you can tell the poor baby is lonely without his family. Merui gives good advice, and he really opens up and learns to depend on her. The scene where they fall asleep together while studying is SO cute! I think it’s hard for him to get comfortable with another person and feel that relaxed, so it speaks volumes about what he feels for her. It’s also hilarious that he doesn’t mind the rumors about his family! Which is good, because they actually come in handy at the end…


Derek Nevine: Ah Derek. I have a love/hate relationship with him, which is appropriate since he seems to be the main guy, while also the villain. Derek is Alistair, so if you end up on a route that is not his, he tends to be a huge jerk at the end. However, if you play Derek’s route, you find out why. Outwardly he has everything – smart, popular, good at sports. But as Merui gets close to him, we learn he works REALLY hard for everything he has; it doesn’t come easy. Derek also mostly does it to make his parents happy, since they only seem to care about his accomplishments. While he is optimistic and easy going most of the time, Derek is also insecure and emotionally fragile. Merui doesn’t seem to be part of the popular crowd though, and doesn’t treat Derek special. She is a normal girl that sees him as a normal, hardworking guy, and that’s why he falls for her. If you get his bonus content, you find out what he wishes for at the fountain, and oh is it sweet! Derek also redeems himself a bit. If you play his route, but don’t realize he is Alistair, he does the right thing and confesses everything to you. Only thing I don’t like about his route is you have to ignore your project to get Derek, and I feel so bad pissing off Shiro!


Overall: RE: Alistair++ is a fun game that’s free! It’s not too long, so it’s a great game for people new to otome. Plus, Sakevisual made a walkthrough that really helps: I especially love at the end of each route, it will say “Alistair has joined your team,” or Oda or FionaWings. The route where you figure out Alistair, but don’t end up with anyone, it says “Don’t get mad, get your enemies banned.” Which I thought was hilarious since Merui turned Derek in and got him banned from the game.

Here is the website if anyone wants to download the game: I highly recommend if you have never played! Now I just have to wait impatiently for Backstage Pass to be released. I’ll be throwing my money at Sakevisual immediately. In the mean time, I’m still working my way through the Alice in the Heart mobile game, but I’ve been dying to play Ivan from Be My Princess 2 for awhile, so I might get sidetracked again…plus, Ota has some new games to buy! Ah so many otome, so little time.

Heart no Kuni no Alice – Ace

Intro: I’m sorry I haven’t been around much! I’ve been catching up on the summer TV shows, and reading a bunch of books. Which means I haven’t played too many otome. But I did play Ace awhile ago, and here, finally, is his review. Ace is one of my favorites from the Alice manga series, so I was really excited to play him. He really does remind me of a Wonderland character – cute and crazy, but dangerous as well.

My Thoughts: Ace and Alice seem to bond over the fact that they have bad personalities LOL. Alice is pretty straight forward about how gloomy and mean she is, but Ace is a little different. He seems like a cheerful, happy-go-lucky guy, and as the Knight of Heart Castle, he has that heroic, good guy thing going on. That’s Alice’s first impression. But there is something just under the surface with Ace. Alice can sense it, and while she enjoys his company more because of it (she thinks he would be boring if he was too perfect), it makes her wary of him as well.

While Peter can be very one dimensional, Ace is a ball of contradictions. It’s kind of hard to describe his personality. He has a sweet, Knightly exterior, but there is a dark part of him, and he has a side job that most in Wonderland would consider evil or distasteful. I think he does this job partly because Julius needs him to, but also because he wants to rebel as his role as the Knight. Ace looks nice and sounds sweet when he says things to you, but really what he says is very mean or threatening.

Ace 1

Ace can obviously be very dangerous, but he comes to love Alice over time, and I think they make a very odd but cute pair. They both have fractured personalities, so they fit well together.


They are fully aware of each other’s negative aspects, and still love each other, perhaps more because of the bad parts…It feels like Ace really loves Alice because he is so aware of her bad side, loves her anyways, and doesn’t want her to change.

Ace 3

It amazes me that the game creators were able to make two very opposite kinds of love between Ace and Peter (who seems to know Alice’s faults, but loves her blindly), and it still be beautiful and work both ways.

My complaints about this route? I feel like Alice is even colder to Ace! She never even admits out loud to him that she loves him. But, I suppose, he is kind of a dangerous guy that she feels uneasy with, by his and her admission…so I understand why she would feel hesitant. And poor Peter! I felt so bad for him, with Alice falling for some other guy right in front of him. It’ll be easier when she stays somewhere else and Peter isn’t around much.

Ace 6

Overall: Ace is crazy and weird, but I love him. You never quite know what he’s going to do or say, and that kept me guessing. I’d really love a fandisc or some sort of epilogue to see how Ace continues with Alice. Their relationship is full of opposites. Alice is incredibly comfortable with him, but wary as well. She loves him, but won’t admit it. It’s not your normal otome relationship, so I find it interesting. If you go in expecting a normal, sweet, romantic, Knightly character, you will be disappointed. Ace is anything but normal. But damn he looks good in a suit.

Ace 8


Heart no Kuni no Alice – Peter White

Intro: Alice is spending a nice Sunday afternoon in the garden with her sister Lorina, who she adores. When Lorina goes to get cards for them to play, Alice gets very sleepy and decides to take a short nap. She wakes up when a cute white rabbit starts talking about how she is supposed to chase him. But this Alice is not your normal version of Alice…assuming she is dreaming, she rolls back over and goes to sleep! She is suddenly awakened when the rabbit, who has turned into a man, picks her up and jumps down a huge hole that has appeared in her garden!

My Thoughts: Peter White is, of course, the white rabbit. I wanted to play him first for a couple reasons…mainly, while reading the Alice manga, every guy seemed to have their own manga or storyline, but I never saw one for Peter! I felt so bad for him. Maybe I just missed it. But I wanted to see how a romance between the two would play out, since I saw one for everyone else. Also, Peter is the first person Alice meets from Wonderland. Peter wants her there, so he brings her (with Nightmare‘s help), and that’s the entire reason she is there in the first place. It seems like Blood, or maybe Julius, is the most popular character, but Peter to me seems to be the canon guy because of this. Especially when you learn his true identity.

So, what can I say about Peter? He LOVES Alice. That’s the main point here lol. He just adores her. He is Prime Minister of Heart Castle, so he does do some other things…but he will drop it immediately if he thinks he can see Alice, or she needs something. His life really revolves around her. He says as long as she is in this world and happy, even if she is not with him, that’s good enough for him…but of course if you choose his route, he starts wanting more from her, as they spend more time together.

In the beginning, and through most of the route really, Alice doesn’t like Peter. She blames him for bringing her to this “dream world” in the first place, and making her drink the potion that keeps her there.

Peter 1

Eventually she sees him in his bunny form, which is adorable, and she starts to warm up to him. As they spend more time together, he switches back to his human form more often, and she starts to not mind. 90% of the time, he doesn’t listen to what she says, and it’s really quite funny.

Peter 3

Even when Alice realizes she is in love with him, she still acts somewhat emotionally distant to him. Really, she is sending him mixed signals, and I feel bad for Peter. She lets him sleep in her bed with her, and even kisses him, but she won’t say she loves him, and even takes forever to admit they are together! Granted, she seems to feel Peter doesn’t know what it means to truly love someone, so she is hesitant. He says it so easily, and is so passionate about it, and she doesn’t know where it comes from or what started it.

There was a HILARIOUS scene, where they finally become a couple. Peter is bragging to the maids about how Alice is his.

Peter 4

Then somehow he brings up the subject of children! Alice is aghast, Peter is blissfully happy and oblivious, and the maids want to take care of their cute bunny-babies. Oh good heavens, I could barely breathe I was laughing so hard. His route was so worth it for this scene.

Peter 5

Peter 6

Overall: I really like Peter. A lot of people don’t seem to, and I can understand why…he is sort of stalkerish. But I’ve played few otome routes where I feel the guy really loves the MC this much. From the beginning, no matter what, just a complete, unconditional love. I guess I’m painting kind of a rosy picture of him here, but I can’t help it because I’m biased. Out of all the characters, I feel like he’s the only one that really needs her. Everyone else would be fine without her. But from the beginning, Peter always loves and needs Alice.

A few issues with the game…I feel like they end scenes/routes very abruptly. Is that just me? She decides to stay in Wonderland for the guy she loves, and finally seems like she is warming up to them…and it ends. I guess I want some sort of happy epilogue. But that’s what all the fan discs and extra games are for…who knows if we will ever get them over here in English though!

Everyone seems to love Alice as an otome heroine, because she is different and has a backbone…but she is too cold for me. Although, she herself admits that she is gloomy, has low self-esteem, with a nasty personality. And because she is this way, she is really quite funny! I just wish she was a little nicer to the guys, at least when she realizes she loves them.

Peter 2

I can understand her being cold to Peter, because she was mad at him to begin with, but she is this way with Ace too. Also, she accepts everything too easily! Other then the role holders, Wonderland is populated by no-faces. Isn’t this weird??? I know she thinks this is a dream, but she never questions it or goes “Huh…that’s strange.” Peter and the others kill the no-faces so easily, on a whim, sometimes right in front of her too. Her reaction is like…“This is bothersome, wish I was somewhere else,” instead of, “Don’t kill! These are living, breathing people!!” I just wish she was more aghast about it.

Anyways, these are just my pet peeves. Overall, Alice is an interesting, funny heroine, and all the other characters are great so far. There’s good interaction, and I like the game. I’ve already played Ace’s route, and I think I’m going to go start Boris. Even though I have my issues, it’s a lot of fun and I can’t stop playing!!